Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Woman's Battle Over Creation

In my culture, woman wins every time.  Keeping in mind the title of this verse, let us know and compose the story of prose that many called a Rose....There is a story told in la cultura Salvadorena passed down throughout generation from past generations that woman and Lucifer once met and battled over a knot.  Yes, a knot...if you can believe that.  Woman was minding her own business, busy as can be with her daily life when Lucifer bored with Heaven and Earth decided to drop by uninvited.  If you know anything about our culture, then you know why woman assumed he was family and not a foe.  He saw her sewing and said that he could do it better and faster.  Her way was too tedious and it just took too long.  Woman handed him a needle and the thread.  She laughed as he committed the same mistakes she once made as a child over and over again.  Lucifer cursed and beat the dammed fabric and thread and even gnawed on it for good measure but that didn't seem to help.  He just grew angrier. Eventually, he gave up.  He threw woman the thread, said, "Damned you.." and left.
In our culture, Lucifer ( the devil) is humorous when combined with the wit of a woman.  Her wit will always outdo him.  She is left laughing while he leaves frustrated and unfulfilled.  To some he is a trickster that always wins.  To others he is a like a lawyer with a contract filled with traps.  To give the devil his due is different according to cultures.  It is nice to know that because of my culture and upbringing, all I have to due  is be myself.  That way, I will always laugh first and last.  Are you still wondering over the knot and battle?  So is the Lucifer that is reading this:)

That is the introduction to my Poem:

The Devil To Pay

The Devil to Pay 
But who is to Charge

The Devil left to Pay
Resting asure that He would Charge

Only the Devil?
Only the Devil Left?
Then lonely he charged


He never charged Lonely
Lonely had Paid
And Lonely never charged

Lonely was Free
No need to Pay 
No need to Charge

So then the Pleasures?
Only when Lonely leaves
and Pain never arrives


Ah, The Devil to have liveD
The Devil to have Paid
And Lucifer to smile

And God?

That’s why Lucifer smiled…

This is what I did and learned since the last time...

I am currently living in Bahrain.  I am so thankful to this place for being so awesome as to allow me an opportunity to rediscover my art in many facets.  I have discovered that moving to a new place adds to my art.  I learn many things and it all influences my art.  Now Bahrain will always be in my heart and art.  No matter what I paint or create, I have the influence of this incredibly beautiful hot and sandy place.  I will be moving once again to the U.S.  I will be in California come next summer.  I wonder what I will learn there!  I am evolving as an artist and I have my own gallery in the next room....That is what my husband calls the next room in my home since it is all filled up with paintings and supplies.  I have also been writing poetry and a variety of stories.  I am working on an Anthology but it takes time.  Although an Anthology expressed in paintings as much as words is just as creative, I want to create my life with my art.  I want my art to support my every creation as an entity that is its own source or creativity.  Always adding to itself and growing.  Having thought about what I expect from myself as an artist, I wrote the following:

An Artistic mind is Creator of All

Whether you feed it Poetry, Death or Destruction. It just can't help but create according to its creators essence. Do you want to know if something is truly yours? I see myself in all. When it is anger or rage or Life and beauty, I see me. When it is all put together, I see a better version of me. When it is nothing but chaos and nonsense, I see the different and opportunities to set the bar and standard. When what I see, makes me turn my head in sadness and denial at the story I have created, I know I am human. When in ignorance and chance I perceive the internal beauty and essence of a creation in this earth, I am absolutely divine:) Moments like those are so unique and awesome because I know I am not responsible for them. Therefore, they are divinely inspired and gifted and most of all, perfect. It is there where I find my Truth. The Truth of The Divine is rare and not many an artist can have it or touch it. It must find you and choose you. Many feel that the title artist has to be purchased at a price or that there is a cost that has to be paid and the creations are for any and the many. In Truth, every painting, every sculpture, every touch and every movement is an expression of Truth. Every painting and every creation has a twin. I see it as an entanglement of of emotion. A dance between two partners lost in time that have waited through the infinite to find one another. My paintings or creations are only ever meant for one. Behind every painting, there is a story. The story is only known to those that have dreamed it. The dream belongs to the dreamers. Some walk, some run and some create more dreams. The dream can belong to an individual, a people, a gender, a race, an origin, a genesis, a creed, a place, but never to all. Why not all? The truth is that we are all special and unique. That uniqueness has to be celebrated and recognized by excellence. This is my way. As a woman, I have found that sometimes I want to purchase an incredibly beautiful thing like jewelry. I don't have the means so I tell myself that I will be back and if it is meant for me, it will be there waiting for me when I am ready. Not when the seller is ready but when I am ready and I can afford it. In truth, by the time I can afford it, it is almost like having it for free. It doesn't cost me a thing. I hated that feeling of "I have to buy it now before someone else can beat me to it." or "I'll just hide it here in the back so no one else can see it but I know where I put it". As an Artist, I want my expressions to have meaning, deep meaning. I wanted a story and as a result I have many. I want success without competition. In truth, I have figured out that all artists out there have no competition at all. We are all different and unique. We don't compete with one another at all. People either like or don't like that which we bring into the world. But that statement is in and of itself deceitful because sooner or later, we do meet just the right individual that not only likes or loves that particular painting but irrevocably falls in love with it. Only Ever For One. That is the underlying theme for everyone of my paintings.