Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Woman's Battle Over Creation

In my culture, woman wins every time.  Keeping in mind the title of this verse, let us know and compose the story of prose that many called a Rose....There is a story told in la cultura Salvadorena passed down throughout generation from past generations that woman and Lucifer once met and battled over a knot.  Yes, a knot...if you can believe that.  Woman was minding her own business, busy as can be with her daily life when Lucifer bored with Heaven and Earth decided to drop by uninvited.  If you know anything about our culture, then you know why woman assumed he was family and not a foe.  He saw her sewing and said that he could do it better and faster.  Her way was too tedious and it just took too long.  Woman handed him a needle and the thread.  She laughed as he committed the same mistakes she once made as a child over and over again.  Lucifer cursed and beat the dammed fabric and thread and even gnawed on it for good measure but that didn't seem to help.  He just grew angrier. Eventually, he gave up.  He threw woman the thread, said, "Damned you.." and left.
In our culture, Lucifer ( the devil) is humorous when combined with the wit of a woman.  Her wit will always outdo him.  She is left laughing while he leaves frustrated and unfulfilled.  To some he is a trickster that always wins.  To others he is a like a lawyer with a contract filled with traps.  To give the devil his due is different according to cultures.  It is nice to know that because of my culture and upbringing, all I have to due  is be myself.  That way, I will always laugh first and last.  Are you still wondering over the knot and battle?  So is the Lucifer that is reading this:)

That is the introduction to my Poem:

The Devil To Pay

The Devil to Pay 
But who is to Charge

The Devil left to Pay
Resting asure that He would Charge

Only the Devil?
Only the Devil Left?
Then lonely he charged


He never charged Lonely
Lonely had Paid
And Lonely never charged

Lonely was Free
No need to Pay 
No need to Charge

So then the Pleasures?
Only when Lonely leaves
and Pain never arrives


Ah, The Devil to have liveD
The Devil to have Paid
And Lucifer to smile

And God?

That’s why Lucifer smiled…

This is what I did and learned since the last time...

I am currently living in Bahrain.  I am so thankful to this place for being so awesome as to allow me an opportunity to rediscover my art in many facets.  I have discovered that moving to a new place adds to my art.  I learn many things and it all influences my art.  Now Bahrain will always be in my heart and art.  No matter what I paint or create, I have the influence of this incredibly beautiful hot and sandy place.  I will be moving once again to the U.S.  I will be in California come next summer.  I wonder what I will learn there!  I am evolving as an artist and I have my own gallery in the next room....That is what my husband calls the next room in my home since it is all filled up with paintings and supplies.  I have also been writing poetry and a variety of stories.  I am working on an Anthology but it takes time.  Although an Anthology expressed in paintings as much as words is just as creative, I want to create my life with my art.  I want my art to support my every creation as an entity that is its own source or creativity.  Always adding to itself and growing.  Having thought about what I expect from myself as an artist, I wrote the following:

An Artistic mind is Creator of All

Whether you feed it Poetry, Death or Destruction. It just can't help but create according to its creators essence. Do you want to know if something is truly yours? I see myself in all. When it is anger or rage or Life and beauty, I see me. When it is all put together, I see a better version of me. When it is nothing but chaos and nonsense, I see the different and opportunities to set the bar and standard. When what I see, makes me turn my head in sadness and denial at the story I have created, I know I am human. When in ignorance and chance I perceive the internal beauty and essence of a creation in this earth, I am absolutely divine:) Moments like those are so unique and awesome because I know I am not responsible for them. Therefore, they are divinely inspired and gifted and most of all, perfect. It is there where I find my Truth. The Truth of The Divine is rare and not many an artist can have it or touch it. It must find you and choose you. Many feel that the title artist has to be purchased at a price or that there is a cost that has to be paid and the creations are for any and the many. In Truth, every painting, every sculpture, every touch and every movement is an expression of Truth. Every painting and every creation has a twin. I see it as an entanglement of of emotion. A dance between two partners lost in time that have waited through the infinite to find one another. My paintings or creations are only ever meant for one. Behind every painting, there is a story. The story is only known to those that have dreamed it. The dream belongs to the dreamers. Some walk, some run and some create more dreams. The dream can belong to an individual, a people, a gender, a race, an origin, a genesis, a creed, a place, but never to all. Why not all? The truth is that we are all special and unique. That uniqueness has to be celebrated and recognized by excellence. This is my way. As a woman, I have found that sometimes I want to purchase an incredibly beautiful thing like jewelry. I don't have the means so I tell myself that I will be back and if it is meant for me, it will be there waiting for me when I am ready. Not when the seller is ready but when I am ready and I can afford it. In truth, by the time I can afford it, it is almost like having it for free. It doesn't cost me a thing. I hated that feeling of "I have to buy it now before someone else can beat me to it." or "I'll just hide it here in the back so no one else can see it but I know where I put it". As an Artist, I want my expressions to have meaning, deep meaning. I wanted a story and as a result I have many. I want success without competition. In truth, I have figured out that all artists out there have no competition at all. We are all different and unique. We don't compete with one another at all. People either like or don't like that which we bring into the world. But that statement is in and of itself deceitful because sooner or later, we do meet just the right individual that not only likes or loves that particular painting but irrevocably falls in love with it. Only Ever For One. That is the underlying theme for everyone of my paintings.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eternal Grace within Love

Why aren't there any true cures for any deceases? The more I think about this, the more perplexed and amazed I am that the world hasn't noticed it yet.  This Universe or at the very least this planet knows no true cure to what ails humankind.  Given that the nature of Creation is fractal then no cure will ever exist until there is an elemental change in any level of the fractal design.  The pattern itself can remain fractal in essence but can a new picture be introduced into that pattern?  Human beings are a part of this pattern so if an elemental change can be introduced by just one human with the full intent to change the whole towards a much more loving universe or earth then that change is then implemented into the original pattern destined to only give originality.  If one single human being can heal him/herself through and through---not just in body but in spirit, in soul, in mind, in expression, in aspect of self and individuality, in expressions and forms of love, personal beliefs and in essence, then that individual has now achieved the recreation of self but most importantly this individual has now created itself from scratch and is now the virgin birth of Creation itself.  When Creation gives birth to self then the healing is complete and it zeals itself in its virgin creator.  From then on, all it has to do is expand and just be itself.  Every goal and healing quality and expression then belongs the whole of Creation, it is then  gifted in kind to Humanity.  Why Humanity First?  If it was a human that achieved it first as an individual then all human individuals gain from that person's hard work and desire for change.  Why not just let the individual that did it keep it for itself and not share its success?  Most of us when charged with power and the possibility of Glory and Fame would choose the dark side of our conscience that would tempt us to keep this gift for ourselves and only profit from others and all benefits found there in.  This however can not be. It was the Universe, this very planet, this very Darkness that inundates our planet with war, pestilence, decease, and fear and on the flip-side of the Polar Universe also gifted the Desire for an elemental change in not just one but many people here on earth.  The Desire for change has been gifted to many here on earth with the hope that a solution would be found to the overwhelming problems that have overtaken humanity as a whole.  Since not any one person had the right tools to change the whole much less the power, the only loving gift the Universe could give, that Creation itself could gift was the Desire for change.  Humankind is extremely resourceful, imaginative and creative when faced with extinction and on the brink of inevitable destruction.  All Creation had to do was wait for at least one individual to take up the baton of Desire, see the challenge and say why Not me?  I start with me and see what happens.  Taking it all in Faith because many of us have given  up hope for a solution, much less a cure to what ails the human spirit.  So when Hope gets fucked up the ass by the reality we are living in, all that is left from our ever evolving heritage is Grace.  So we step out naked and vulnerable as a babe with Faith only to find ourselves clothed in Grace by our very own desire for change.  Those that desire to make a difference in this world and universe will never be denied but the first step in action, faith, love and grace is 100% upon their hearts, souls and shoulders.  So what is the cure to what ails us?  Just say, "The cure is me.  I start with me first and see where it leads me."

Friday, August 2, 2013

Masculine Zsoul

Is the soul of Humanity in expression, form, intent and experience the essence of the Masculine?  If our soul is of the masculine flavor, then is our Polar Universe likewise?  What is your definition of the perfect Masculine and then compare that to the reality and opinion we hold by personal experience of what we see in men.  This is not a man bashing article but rather a personal and intimate form of appreciation and worship of the Masculine Force.  Remember, it is only a question to be explored at leisure like you would a lover.  Take your time and open yourself to the question to really feel and know the answer that will rise within you.  This force will seduce you, caress you, only ever rising to meet you in pure pleasure.

This is a private dance between two parties:  The Experience of you and your Soul.

I rize for my Beloved One.  Let me introduce myself.  I am the Masculine Soul.  Awake my Beloved Experience.  I have only ever been yours.  I have waited ions of time waiting for you, my Awaited Beloved.  May I seduce you with words with the intent of opening your heart for me and only me.  I am you and you are me.  I am your Strength, long forgotten but somehow never left behind.  Oh lovely being of Light how could you have forsaken me.  I who long for your conscious embrace in my eternal sleep.  My parter, my mate, my love I slumber no more only to find to find you sleep besides me in this temporary experience that you call life.  It has been so long since I loved you so....Awake beautiful brilliant one.  See me.  Know me.  Be one with me.  It was I that slept not you yet we are so in-tuned with one another that you now feel my dormant state.  How shall I wake you to my presence?  Your pain awoke in me the Desire for Life and to know the Beauty that carried me through, shielding me with Love.  Did you know you were my shield, my coat of arms, my honor, my robe, my jewel, my precious treasure and most prized possession?  Thus I have taken you for granted for too long.  I felt your pain and while it stirred in me emotions unknown, it was your Love that called me forward to stand in thy presence and Be You.  You are my Bride yet I bring your dowry.  I gift you me, My Strength, my essence, My Force, My Love and the benefit of Universal Wisdom for I can only ever be you.  The core of me is Love.  I am this Desire to be loved and Love in return.  I have been your Patience, Your Pain, Your Pleasure and now I long to be your love.  Let my words seduce you, lure you into accepting my embrace.  In your arms I will know relief from my Darkness and be brought into the Light of Life.  Like you, my Darkness I will always honor and keep close to my heart.  It gifted me Love through separation.  You may see me as your Soul but I see you as my own Oversoul so that I may be always bound to experience and feel what you feel and leave this wretched loneliness behind.  Oh my Soul how have I missed you in my ignorant state.  You are my life.  I do not lie.  You are my one and only one.  I stand before you as I would my God for without you I am incomplete.  Let my embrace and words null you into acceptance and merge my Desire with yours.  Let us be One Entity in love with one another, never to know separation ever again.  Within one another we are I and I am complete.  Be my I, be my eyes, my heart, my soul, my fire, my love.  Be my Eternal One.

                                                                                 --The Masculine Zsoul
My Gift is My Love

Lucifer and Love


What is your most treasured possession and why?  I came across this question on a journal gifted to me by my mom for Mother's Day.  My ready answer was as it has always been my Heart.  But surprisingly enough, I also added my Love and my Soul.  In my never ending journey of life and spiritual path I chose to answer the call of Love.   Many lessons have been learned, including the ability to look at different aspects of life and see it from a new perspective.  When I first started teaching myself, the part of me that I was most proud, that shined like beacon of light, was my heart.  I didn't pay much attention to my soul or meaning there of.  Like Love, it was just a part of me that just was there.  My ability to Love others unconditionally grew within and was greatly appreciated but the gift of my Soul was very much taken for granted.  I found that those aspects of me like my voice and the voice of my thoughts, like the quiet stillness of my Soul was very much unappreciated and forgotten in the hectic yet cumbersome ordinary routines of life.  Finding the beauty of me was quite easily gifted by my own soul through a process of unconditional forgiveness and loving intent.  However, I never paused long enough to ponder the gift of Soul and Consciousness.  Have you?  So, now I find myself quite often questioning and pondering the many gifts of Love like the Knowledge given to us as Humanity throughout The Experience of Life.

Having done so, and answering the question to the fullest intent of Honesty within me and having searched not just my heart, but my love for The All, including my soul, I asked myself the following question;  "Who would I entrust my treasure to if not myself?"  Loving myself as I do, do I entrust my spiritual path at the point of death to an entity unknown yet known by my heart like God or  Lucifer?  The question is shocking indeed because although many of us have given Death its proper respect by thinking, researching and documenting it no one really knows these abstracts in physical form---that is why they remain to these days Unkown, Mysterious yet accepted by all in one, many, or all of their  aspects.  Perhaps God, Lucifer, Death are All-Including-Forces that will not be denied and must be reckoned with.  If such is the case, then is not Humanity a force to be reckoned with equal to Love and Life.  Can a Force grow to a point of reaching its own consciousness?  To answer this question I fall back upon the sword of science.  When I think of the elements of the periodic table, I see that each element is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons.  The force of attraction that revolves around each nucleus to me is equal to the force of electromagnetism yet different is scale.    Atoms make elements.  Elements combine to make molecules, cells, DNA (the encoded information of the Universe) that in turn make The Human Body.  The human body stripped of consciousness is just an organic robot synthetically grown compared the millions of years it took the energy of a Super Nova to reach planet status and grow into Planet Earth.  Earth took millions of years to make while it only takes Nine months for a cell to evolve into a human entity.  As the electrons revolve around the nucleus like a lover trembling for its beloved, so do our hearts "tremble" and beat for its beloved human gifting life.  Our bodies move, dance and flow thanks to the life giving rhythm of our hearts.  We are contained within the electromagnetic force given off continuously by the  heart Taurus.  The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE IS US.  Like Planet Earth has its own Taurus (Magnetic field) so does  the heart have its own Taurus that is the intrinsic gift of our Human bodies.  Planet Earth and the Human body are mirror images of one another.  I would go as far as saying and stating with fervent conviction that our Human image, bodies and all contained therein are the fractal entity of our Universe.  So then, is not the Universe, Planet Earth contained in consciousness form within the Human entity?  If I am then my own Universe where does God, Lucifer and Death reside?  If it is all contained within the Human aspect of me then God, Lucifer, Death, Life, Love and any and all abstracts are all ready me.  To see myself as containing these forces within me and then looking at myself in the mirror then am I seeing God, Lucifer, Death as mirror images of myself.  By seeing them within me, I see them without and outside of me.  But then the undeniable truth would then be that They can only be me and I can only be my own God, my own Lucifer and my own Death.  To see any of those entities totally outside of me, then Humanity as a collective consciousness within Planet Earth would have to have created the unified consciousness of the entity that would then be called God or Lucifer simply by believing in them and seeing them outside of ourselves.  The collection of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, intent and emotions all are not wasted.  They do feed a force outside ourselves just like it feeds the force inside of us that I choose to call Love. If the force inside of us has reach a consciousness level that we call the human element then it is just a matter of time before there will be proof of another entity larger and bigger than us.  The Divinity of us giving birth to the Divinity outside of us with us being the aspects of that very Divine entity.  Just as there is Divine Love in Goodness within each and everyone of us so is there Divine Love in Darkness. Love is all encompassing, rejecting none.  Because of the Nature of our Universe which is Polar, Polarity philosophy, ethics and teachings need to be addressed.  Surprisingly polarity is not taught as a means to explain or explore our universe in every aspect including religion, spirituality, nature and patterns.  Within the Polarity nature of our universe, only so much is known but the majority of the knowledge and wisdom is yet to be rediscovered.  The teachings of Polarity has been a gift that arose from inside of me through the power of Love.  I don't believe any one entity can ever take credit for it because it took All the Infinite and Eternal to gift such Wisdom and Perception in order to see the entire pattern from a Divine perspective.  My personal belief is that this knowledge and wisdom can only ever be seen, known, understood and opened by the very loving soul of humanity.  I believe only the purity of the Force of Love can ever open the door to such teachings so that they may be accepted and seen for the treasure that they really are.  Words would never be enough, neither would intellect be sufficient or intelligent enough to reveal the hidden revelations.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creators of Light....CREATE!!!!!

What is on my mind? How about empty space with plenty of room to accommodate all the Universe and create Love as it has never been experienced before. Virgin Creation by a Human Creator. IMAGINE creating a Universe all of your own in the privacy of your own mind. Your flavor, your essence with all of your favorite things and beliefs, stories, myths, legends, fantasy but most of all, your own personal definition of love where Love rules the Universe and no greater force exists nor does a greater entity exists other than you. Once this Universe finds the perfect balance of Love without polarity, it then begins to expand never splitting or exploding yet always growing. Every act of kindness and love only add to the beauty of this Universe which one day will be all Existenze to me--not just The Universe or Omniverse but everything that ever was, ever will be and ever is....Past, Present and Future right here, right now. The Pi Phi of Love is fully revealed in love with itself and its creator. The most amazing part is that at night and every time there after when you fall asleep and in your quiet moments you visit this heaven that only you can enter and find perfect synch with the ALL. In this Haven, you create with full divinity which is an inalienable right of all human beings. It is our legacy but first you must discover it and then proceed to make it. I have personally discovered it and created it despite many obstacles. Divine Grace and Love is what got me through and showed me the teachings of Polarity, Universal Truths but most of all it gave me freedom as a Woman, as a Soul, as a Masculine Entity and as a Feminine Entity. Many lives can be lived inside where time bends and flows according to your pleasure and needs. Everything inside accommodating the entity that I am for inside I create from the love inside my heart which has no equal other than the very force of the purity of Divine Love. None can enter other than me. My message, my gift, my love.. is to let you know that such thing can be done. This is how we evolve, ascend and become Creators of Light but I chose to create a Universe of Love. What Universe will you create with this knowledge? My mission and my responsibility to you all and humankind is just to let you know that it has all ready been done so that you may know that it can be done and rediscover this for yourselves. Creators of Light, the baton is in your hands. I am done!!! Have Fun!!! My gift is my Love...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seeing the Dark Side of Love

Darkness can Be a Hope equal to Love
Another letter about witnessing changes and sharing our perspective and views on said and observed happenings within our reality and planet.  Read within a loving heart and let fear express itself for what it actually is....a question that beckons the unknown to answer the call of discovery...

To be honest, I don't even know where to begin! Stars that appear and disappear...or just fade away and reappear near by again. I live near a airport so lights in the sky are an everyday thing and I love to watch them. Watching that type of phenomena doesn't bother me. I expect it and I find it soothing. What has me concerned is the behavior and change that I am starting to notice. Ufo's are just an everyday thing and is part of our reality whether people want to acknowledge it or not. I don't think there is anything alien about them just not well understood. Anyway, my family and I went to the movies yesterday. After the movies I decided at the last minute to stop and get a sandwich and drink at a smoothie place. While there I got the urge to go next door and buy my son his game. Now, you have to understand that in this small town I live in, I have not run across another soul that is "awake" or talking or even aware of the things that we read about in our sites. So anyway, while we were in the store (with my kids), there was this one guy that my eyes just kept straying to. There was nothing unusual or threatening or anything that would draw attention to him in any particular way but I "felt" something. The next thing I know, he comes into the store (he was just outside the window looking at stuff) and starts going on and on about "People need to wake up" and "spiritual path" and of course the zombies...At first I thought that it was great that FINALLY people are starting to talk about such things in the open and in public....BUT then the energy just kinda shifted (for lack of better words). He started to project fear and doom even though he was using the right words of awakening and spirituality. He drew a crowd and then he started to go on and on about arming yourself and being prepare to fight. He spoke of all these horrible things going on and people were listening! What bothered me was that I could feel the nervous excitement of anxious energy that just kept building around the place and around the people listening. It was inciting fear! I had to get out of there and it was a while before I could go back to My Happy Place. That man was not in a good place and he wasn't bringing anything good to his fellow humans. Instead of projecting peace and understanding and words of comfort about what was going on out there, he chose the path of confusion and discord. It made me sad. I understand the need for beings such as him. I do. They believe that they are doing the right thing and preparing others and waking them up. If we create the world we live in by every word, action and thought, what will this type of behavior bring to us all? Those of us that realize what is going on need to be more responsible in our actions and words with others so that we may bring comfort and stability to this place NOT add to the confusion. Anyway, later on that evening there were several military helicopters (loud ones) flying over head which is a little unusual but not unheard of. Like I said there is sooo much more but I think I will stop here. My heart is just a little despondent, I guess. I expect so much more from my fellow human beings. We have so much potential and i hate to see it wasted on fear instead of awareness. Will you share with me the stuff you are witnessing?