Monday, June 25, 2012

Teachers And Students One In The Same

We have all heard, “We are the ones we’ve waited for"

Then who are the ones that are unaware?

I used to think being "enlighten" was all great and good for those that had the luxury of not being around others much. After all, a couple of minutes with a particular family member or an individual that is hacking you to emotional pieces is all you need to loose that “peace and love” feeling. Then we think, “How can anyone stay "enlighten" with people like these around us? They make it so difficult!! 

Consider this: What if "these people" are the teachers and ascended masters we are waiting for?


They have been here all along..We just chose not to see them until we were ready. These people that provoke you, use you, manipulate you and hurt you, they are our teachers. You have all heard the phrase, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". The veil is lifting. We are seeing with ours hearts the truth that our eyes have denied. These precious beings are masters of disguise and intricate weavers of deception. They have to "stay in character" in order to continue to teach us, to help us rediscover the great infinite in us, to remember the awesome beauty that is us. Do you understand the purity of such love? They don't care if we hate them, condemn them, and ridicule them just as long as we learn the lessons we have so painstakingly and most lovingly chosen to experience.  In this Universe, we are here to serve one another and learn from one another,  teachers and students both at the same time.  Please consider this when someone is starting to push your buttons and reconsider the thoughts such actions may bring.  

Our "teachers" are here serving our purposes.  They know that eventually those who are aware and those that see through the hard lessons will be wise enough to realize just how much they are truly loved. With hearts centered in love and grace, let's offer our thanks and deep respect that is their due. FORGIVE with as much passion as we forgive ourselves for being so ignorant of such infinite and loving grace. We are all Here Now..... We are All Multidimensional Now..... No more judging....... Give your forgiveness and love NOW..... The Time Is Now.

I See You


How many of us would love to hear those words from a heartfelt place of deep love and appreciation?  When I first tackled this issue, I perceived it from a woman’s perspective.  Who else out there is more judged, misunderstood, and taken for granted more than women?  We wear a multitude of robes that fit just fine and we wear them most nobly yet none of them defines us or reflect the true nature of a woman.  Perhaps that is because like a chameleon we are constantly changing and adapting to our ever demanding environment and family life.  No wonder people don’t see us!  In this day and age who has time to sit and ponder the true nature of woman.  Have you?

Now, there is the question that stopped me dead on my tracks.  Have I seen me?  Do I See me?  How can I expect others, my husband included, to see me when I haven’t taken a good look at myself and realized my true nature?  In order for others to see something in you, the realization of what you seek has to be found by you first.  So don’t be afraid to go look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are. 

 If you can’t do this simple thing, how do you expect others to do it for you?  The fact is that you are beautiful.  Stripped of all of the insecurities and fears that we often wear like a veil over ourselves, we are quite a beauty to behold.  We are creators and caretakers, keepers of wisdom and joy, and know more than most the true meaning of sacrifice.  So go on ahead and let your inner light shine, brilliant as can be.  Take off your veil, discard all the robes you wear long enough for you to see the naked inner beauty of your awesome being.  Don’t worry, the robes will still be there waiting for you.  I promise they are not going anywhere.  As far as that goes, your wardrobe will just keep growing in a variety of shades, colors and sizes:)  So make sure you take a good long look at the being that stands before you.  She is magnificent, isn’t she?  Are you wondering what took you so long to see it?  Yes, this beauty has always been there, ready and waiting for you to recognize yourself in her eyes.  Now comes the most important part of the realization you just had.  Now YOU Say, “I See You”.

That long and incredible longing that has haunted you for as long as you can remember can now be put to rest.  The yearning to hear these words from a grateful and loving heart can now be satisfied.  Breath and exhale once more dear beloved because you have at last come home to true acceptance and unconditional love.  Yes, I see you.      I     See      You.

Do you know what the most cool part of this whole thing is?  Now, you can See others much better and they will in turn See you.  Come on, you never needed that silly veil anyway….There really is no need for you to put it back on.  Enjoy your freedom.  Enjoy the view…..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Time Is NOW

It Is Time....

It is Time to send out the call.  Let it emanate from your heart and soul and push it to the far reaches of creation with a cry of Unconditional Love and Acceptance.  The time has come.  The time is now.  

We have loved, cried, rejoiced, learned and grown much while calling this life our home for many lifetimes or even one.  It is now time to say bye to the old and herald in the new.  Change is upon us and if you don't see it, then you REALLY aren't looking.  Take time in your busy day to take into account the vast changes that are currently surrounding you.  I will not get into them or tell you what they are for they are meant to be noticed by you and you alone. 

 While you are at it, sit and contemplate your life and the incredible lessons and events that have led you here to this moment of reflection.  Let your heart open and expand with gratitude as you realize the awe, beauty, love and power it took to get you to this moment of pure appreciation.  See the incredible awesome wonder that lives inside of you.  Merge with Creation and invite your Higher Self to come inside and share your discoveries.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the smile that greets you as He or She says, "I have always been here.  I never left."  I know I smiled at the realization of such of thought.  

It's Ok to be in a state of wonder and awe.  Let this become your new home.  Allow the peace and Stillness that has always been your birthright to once again inhabit your life permanently.  Realize the time has come to claim your full birthright of Divine Essence.  It is now time to Remember.  Remember your Divinity, infinite wisdom and your heritage of Unconditional Love.  Let the call go out for all aspects of you to come home and merge once more into the Oneness of Unconditional Love and Divine Presence.  Welcome them and celebrate them.  Not one of them is the greater or the least among creation or in spiritual essence.  Fling your arms open in acceptance and revel in the knowledge that you are at last connecting with the full essence and totality of your being.  Remember the wisdom brought to you by each one of these aspects and give thanks as you bring them into balance and harmony with the whole.  Let the memories flow through you and around you as they too must incorporate into your heart and way of being.  Let go what no longer suits you and keep that which brings substance to the whole.  You will not be lost in the process. 

 Fear was never your enemy.  It was your friend and teacher.  And now the time has time to thank it and let it go.  Your mind might be struggling to make sense of all this, too but it is now time to live front the heart and let the heart lead.  Thank your ego and mind for services provided and the protection it has always given.  It is now time to welcome ego and mind into the heart.  Let your heart be the driving force and light that brightens your path for now on.  All must come as One.  You must come as One and Humanity must come with One heart into the new.  It is now time.  Remember....Activate....At Heart we are all One....


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have A Sit At The Creator's Chair

Please be aware that this picture was downloaded from the internet.  I do not own it and if this picture belongs to you and you do not wish to have it displayed, please notify me and I will remove it.

There is a need today to listen from the heart.  I often listen to channelers and surf the YouTube waves in the internet to see and hear messages from all over the Universe.  I am open to the possibilities knowing that at this point in time anything and everything is probable.  

Like a banquet set before us, these channelers set a variety of delectable choices and events before us.  It is up to Humanity to sit at the table and choose to partake or deny the feast set before us.  It is extremely important to realize that we are The Guest of Honor and while the party has been set up and hosted by Universe and Creator and Galactic invitations have been issued, the focus is firmly on us.  So when I hear of catastrophes, upcoming world events, global changes and Galactic activity whether it be solar flares, CME's or getting slammed by Gamma-Ray bursts coming from different directions in our infinite universe (such as scheduled for today), I take it for what it is:  Opportunities for change.  You see, what many are failing to recognize during these peeks into our probable future that these channelers are providing is that from a much Higher perspective, the choice has all ready been made.  Our Higher Selves have set the path, made the journey and chosen that which we chose to experience.  So I sit here in perfect peace and joy knowing that I have only to experience that which has all ready happened.  I choose to trust myself, the much higher aspect of me, to know what is right and true for me.  I as Maria have a rather limited and narrow view of what I see before me.  But I as my Higher Self, I see it all outside time and space and without any boundaries.  I trust that whatever comes my way, floods, earthquakes and what not, I will be taken care of and watched after.  The form in which this help comes or is offered I do not know but I will gladly receive the hand that reaches out to help me out of the rising tide in perfect love, gratitude and trust.  Will the help come in the form or Galactic ships, Noah's ark or a simple act of kindness from a stranger?  I can not know that at this time but whatever form it takes, my heart is open to accept.  We must trust in our Higher Selves and trust in our inner selves during these times of great upheaval and change.  

Like one of my favorite YouTubers, Suspicious observers, once said, "Don't Bug-out, Bug-in!".  I encourage all of you out there, brothers and sisters of Humanity, "bug-in" to your higher selves and deep within your heart.  Don't let your hearts be troubled or afraid of these great changes happening throughout our world.  See them with your heart and don't get lost in the labyrinths of your mind.  You choose to go down the corridors of confusion and fear and you will loose yourself, going around in circles until you learn there was never a need for such.  Save yourself the energy and choose to be still, anchored in love and self assurance.  See the changes before you through the Eye of the Storm.  In it but not part of it.  Move and flow with the torrents of change that you see raining down upon Mother earth.  Be in the eye and watch it all unfold and unravel is it must but let your heart be still and know that you are protected, loved and oh so treasured.  I have stated this before and I stand by it now, Mother Earth will be as gentle as she can be with these changes so that only what is necessary will be experienced.  Divine Grace has been issued so that the upheaval will be at its minimum.  Everyone will get their Happy Ending and everyone will experience exactly what they need and have created for themselves.  Choose from the banquet that which calls to your heart and fill your plate over the brim with as many experiences as you can take.  The choice is all yours.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Want To See The Picture?

A picture is placed before me and I am utterly enthralled by it!

There is something very compelling about it.  It pulls at you and draws you in.  It begs at you to come, sit and stay a while.  Forget all things and share this moment with me it pleads with a most seductive grin.  The grin promises many revelations and you wonder what it could possibly offer you that it would make this moment so compelling.  You feel yourself being drawn in, quite willing to follow this beauty and its secrets to the uttermost regions of creation just so that you can continue experiencing this bliss that has eluded you for so long.  And so you sit and stare at the panorama set before you.
There is something vaguely familiar about this.  Memories start to ebb and flow but never quite brake through.  You concentrate harder thinking it is just a matter of discipline and remembrance that is keeping you from truly realizing the mystery before you.  But trying to capture these memories feels like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.  They dance, teasing your foggy mind just outside the reach of consciousness.  As the seduction continues, you loose time, and space is just a concept that can be easily accommodated.  You are now very invested in the moment and there is no way you are letting it go.  Like a Master at chess, you try to see the endgame but in order to do so you have to recognize the setting of the pieces before you.  Again, you get that feeling of "I've been here before".  Once again, the thought evaporates before it can be contemplated any further.  Familiar yet strange, you accept that puzzle that this moment offers.  Since the mind can not seem to grasp the scale or magnificence of such beauty, the heart steps in and beckons you to allow light in and expand your senses for just one moment.  Ahhh, you exhale....Had you been holding your breath all this time?  The action feels good to you so you take a couple of more deep breaths and slowly exhale the tension you weren't even aware you were feeling.  With each breath, your heartbeat quickens.  With each heartbeat your heart expands.  With each wave of expansion, your heart soars.  You turn your attention once more to the picture set before you and the realization hits you!  You remembered the knowing smile that teased you and coerced you to sit a while and now you KNOW why it had been so full of promises.  It never really was about the picture, was it?  A smile slowly creeps into your eyes, your heart and lips as you realize that the intent was not to solve the puzzle before you but to get you to just sit still and feel the moment.  The picture before you now makes perfect sense.  The colors, the images, the texture was all a call to open your heart and let the light in.  The familiarity and sense of recognition was not an outside illusion but a calling within your heart to remember that without an open heart, you will never see the true picture life has set before you.  You will never appreciate the beauty or sense of awe in every moment until your heart is free to soar outside your mind.  In your heart you have always known this.  It was the beckoning smile that seduced you to sit and stay a while.  It was the dance and teasing of such memories that you recognized as undeniably compelling.  It was always and it will always be your heart mirrored in the pictures of your surroundings.  All you had to do was sit, be still and let your heart do the leading.  Allow your heart to seduce you once more and get lost in the embrace of your true self.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Contemplation of Change

I was sitting on my sofa yesterday in a quiet and 

rather still state when a thought intruded into my consciousness in a rather 

gentle manner but nonetheless undeniably firm: "Something has changed, 

Something is different. I am changed. I am different". I looked around but 

everything was as it should be and as I remembered. I hadn't grown gold hair, 

my eyes were the same color as given to me at birth yet something had 

changed. When I asked what happened, all I got was a smile. I feel strangely 

calm, centered. It is as if I was sprinting and rushing to get somewhere or at 

something and had finally gotten there at the last minute. The words, "the 

frenzy is over" found their way into my being but I don't understand them. 

Where was I trying to get? What frenzy is over? What has changed in what 

way? I feel the same yet different. Did something happen yesterday that I am 

not yet aware of? Have the ripples not reached me yet? I've had a feeling like 

this before and it brought about great upheaval in our lives but this one feels 

different because I am no longer that same person. Fear no longer rules me so 

I ask again what does this mean? All is quiet and I am still left with my 

question. What puzzle piece am I missing? What question am I not asking? I 

think I will find my answer in a question but I don't know what to ask.  

Can you shed a light my way? I am not in a state of confusion...far from it...I 

am in a state of wonder and contemplation but darn if I know what I am 

looking at!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mother Earth Awaits You

 Dancing Tree Spirits's photo
"In earth and water will you grow. In the air will your leaves speak as you reach towards the fire of the sun. We respect and honour and admire you, O tree, and all trees, for you represent both
Peace and Power - though you are mighty you hurt no creature. Though you sustain us with your breath, you will give up your life to house and warm and teach us. We give thanks for your blessing upon our lives and upon our lands. May you fare well in this chosen place. Awen."---words and picture by Dancing Tree, see link above

Recently I read an article about the projected Galactic changes coming to Earth.  While the changes to Earth are global and massive in scope they do not have to hurt.  

A certain amount of beings have agreed to partake and experience certain catastrophic phenomena in this reality but that was done out of love for the mass of humanity that still slumber and need a wake up call.  These lovely beings have expressed a personal desire to experience and explore such possibility.  They have agreed to be the Global Alarm Clock and for those of us that are all ready awake, it is a call to remember why we are here.  Yes, we are here to experience and suck every lesson learned that this reality has to offer but we are also here to guide the transition of Humankind into its powerful and spiritual state of Oneness.  

Mother Earth does not yet feel free to just let go and abandon herself to the full moment of creation.  Every change and shift has to be carefully controlled, guided and redirected so as not cause an outright escalating panic and add to the all ready growing global confusion.  What good would it do her if in creating a new earth, her children are so bogged down with fear as to no never enjoy what she has to offer?  Mother Earth is being as gentle as she can be with this shift.  Divine Grace has been offered to the inhabitants of the earth so that this shift need not be a total nightmare of pain and suffering.  It is here that Humanity as a whole is asked to take up the mantle.  It falls upon us all to guide this transition with plenty of love, empathy, patience and acceptance of others.

When we are sleep and need to wake up, there are many ways that can be achieved.  From a cold bucket of water being thrown in your face to having a loud banging of an aluminum trashcan being banged right next to your ear or a sweet caress followed by loving kisses touching your being and your heart all at once, the choice is up to those that no longer slumber.  It is here that I grow concerned.  How many of us would choose to awake those that are sleep with loving caress and patience rather than the cold bucket of water?  Why not wake them up with infinite tenderness and love?  How they wake up will determine the amount of fear and confusion they will experience for the rest of their stay in this reality.  Be gentle and kind to those that you see ready to rise.  Be Patient and loving and allow them their space and time to learn and adapt to the changes they see.  Answer their questions without overwhelming them and let them guide you to where they want to go and explore.  Don’t dump the whole of reality on them at once as that would not be welcomed or appreciated in their present state.  Accept them and Love them as they are now and allow them the freedom to be themselves no matter what that entails.  They have their own way of assimilating and remembering.  Trust in that you have done your part and trust them to find their way back to themselves.
The changes we are experiencing within Mother Earth are moderated through a controlled release mechanism.  While she is being inundated with galactic truckload after truckload of Divine and Universal Energies, we are being spoon fed our energies as fast as we can process them.  The changes are building within her and soon it will reach a point of climax where complete surrender is no longer an option but an absolute state of being. She will let go completely in her abandonment in order to  welcome the brilliance of her true self.  If we love Mother Earth, we need to do our part in reassuring her that it is ok for her to let go.  She waits for us.  She does not wish for her children to suffer needlessly or give in to fear out of ignorance.  She waits for us to make a choice in what we would like to experience.  She waits for us to remember our immortal side.  She waits for us to realize Unconditional Love.  She awaits the realization of humanity that change does not have to equal pain and suffering.  She waits for us to rediscover that change is a celebration of creation in progress.  Mother Earth awaits us and beckons us to Come and See without fear The New Earth we have ALL created.
Help rush the moment in!  See yourself radiating tendrils of Unconditional Love to all inhabitants of the Earth.  See your love wrap around everyone’s heart with warmth, tenderness, acceptance, reassurance, awareness, compassion, kindness, empathy and anything else you see fit to throw in the mix.  Let your intention be a caress of gentleness and butterfly kisses towards the intended mass of humanity.  See them laugh, smile and experience complete joy and peace as they slowly wake up from their slumber.  Let your stillness fill the earth and project it towards all its inhabitants.  See it and know it to be true and so it will be.

Mother Earth was waited long enough.  It is now her time.  Where in the past she has given and provided for us all and will continue to do so, it is now our turn to give and provide her with our love and acceptance for her shift and coming changes.  Kick that fear to the curve!  It has no place here.  Accept and Love…That is all that is asked of us.  Mother Earth will take care of the rest.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It is Ok to Love those that Hurt Us

Forgiveness and the realization of forgiveness is essential for our personal and spiritual growth.  It allows us to let go and welcome the beginning of something new and much more splendorous.  So many of us had to face horrors as a child and some more than others were brutal to the point of the unimaginable.  This small essay is about forgiving, understanding, acknowledging and finally letting go of those dark times in our past.

5/3/12  FOR MY FATHER WHO I LOVE:  Thank you for loving me and being one of my greatest teachers.  I just figured it out!  It only took about 30 yrs!LOL

It is Ok to love those that hurt us.  Most often the ones that have hurt us in the worst and most vile ways have been those we trusted and loved most.  We have always been told that it is Ok to be angry and upset and feel every negative emotion towards that being.  Ridicule and therapy await those that love the offender despite the offensive action.  We are basically told that it is NOT Ok to feel any kind of compassion or empathy towards such a being.  You do, and you get labeled with a  “syndrome” of some kind.  

As children, we view those hurting us with a blend of disbelief and confusion and when the offender is someone close to us like a parent, friend or relative the confusion is even more profound.  “I love this being but I hate what they are doing.”  
How is it possible to love and hate at the same time? 
  I think that as children we are the purest of souls.  We love with abandonment. We live in the moment.  When an action causes us irrevocable harm and pain, we have to dig deep within the depths of ourselves to find a saving cord that will let  us hang on when all else is stripped away.  

It is here that we find Unconditional Love and the saving grace that will lift us from the depths of despair.  In doing so, we save ourselves and the one that is causing us harm.  We hold on to it for dear life and we don’t let go.  The moment stays with us, becomes a part of us, defines us and the path we take from that moment on.  The moment is preserved within us to revisit again and again so that in due time when we are ready to face it with new eyes and an open heart we may understand the why.  Once the why is understood, the eyes see and the heart breathes once again.  Every beat of your heart is a realization and ripples of understanding emanate from your very being into the infiniteness of your soul.  The heart is free to expand and lead once again.  Magic once again inhabits your reality and imagination abounds.  The face of your nightmares morphs into the loving face of yourself.  No ones has power over you any longer.  You are beauty incarnate and infinite.  No one can contain you but your infinite heart.  It is there that we all reside and live and expand and experience and grow and learn and eventually realize and remember the true and awesome beauty of us.

WARNING!!!  This part is not so poetic but it is nonetheless true and although it may sound a little harsh, it is said from a loving heart that has had the experience to know it is very much true.  Be wiser than I and go within yourself to find the answer to those tough questions before you hit bottom.  The lessons don't have to get harder and more difficult if you will just find that Love that resides within each one of us.  Love yourself first.   Forgive yourself first.  Change the perception of who you are First.  Rediscover how incredible and lovable you are First.  You do this and everything will start to fall into place.  This I can promise you...This I have experienced First.  

Now, Remember:

Without unconditional love, there can be no true forgiveness.  You may forgive on such a superficial manner that your mind accepts and you may even forget but the heart remembers all.  Sooner or later it WILL comeback and bite you.  Deny the dog its due and it will come at you with a vengeance.   Lessons in life are like that.  They have to be not only acknowledged but learned!  Ignoring them is really not an option.  You don’t learn the first time, the next will be harder and more intense.  Same lesson, different scenario. And it will continue on and on and on  that vein until you get it, until you learn!  So remember, deal with it now.  The next lesson will not be so easily dismissed.

Unconditional Love is Protection

I was trying to understand how protection and Unconditional Love harmonize with one another and the following was the answer that was given:

I protect myself by giving Unconditional Love.  When I give unconditional love I am essentially merging into my higher self and vibrating at a higher frequency. 

Since Unconditional love encompasses all, I have no need to create a barrier within myself.  To separate is to reject which is the opposite of accept.  True and Divine unconditional love ACCEPTS and LOVES  all.  It takes it ALL in—no exceptions.  

So what about those that are trying to hurt us and are unable to love like we can?        When we give ourselves to Unconditional Love, we vibrate at a higher frequency than those that can’t or are unwilling or unable to resonate with such love. From their point of view, we project a “forcefield” they can’t penetrate.  All actions, reactions, affect and effect “bounce” right back on them.  We are not causing them pain.  They are basically attacking themselves.  

It is like the fighter that keeps throwing punches only to have them land on himself.  I imagine he would be quite perplexed and confused by such event.  He has a choice, keep hurting himself or cease and desist or keep beating himself to a bright and purple pulp.  Now, I know from personal experience that sometimes just the illusion of “hurting myself bad so long as I hurt you even just a little bit” is enough to sustain an unrelenting attack.  In that case, just the slightest chance of hurting your opponent is enough fuel to keep the attack going for a very long time, even past the endurance you think you have. 

  Wow, how do you win against an entity like that?  You don’t.  You don’t win.  Nobody wins.  As the being in a higher vibration you don’t feel a damn thing except concern for this other being who is insisting on hurting himself by his very actions USING YOU!  

What do you do?  Well, you keep going about your business with plenty of grace and patience while allowing this other being the space to learn the lesson he is teaching himself.  Eventually, this other being will collapse and tire of his tirade.  When he does, you very lovingly withdraw to give him time to reconsider his actions outside the tide of emotions your presence brought about.  I assure you that once he has had time to cool down and reconsider these past events he will realize that it was just futile to keep going in such a vein and in reality he was only hurting himself.  

Possible Reflections of such being:
Yeah it felt good to fool yourself.  Yeah, it felt good to get it out of your system.  And yeah, it feels good now to know that you didn’t give up and gave it your all.  There are no regrets because you didn’t hold back at all.  Once the realization that your best was done and nothing was achieved except your personal satisfaction, the lesson has been learned.  Will you attack this particular being again?  Hell, No!  What for?  I all ready learned my lesson.   

This scenario shows us that by just being ourselves in love with all we continuously teach lessons we were not looking for.  In all honesty, as the being in a higher frequency you could just flick the nuisance off you, but why reject and deny when you can just as lovingly accept?  The choice to love and accept is always there…Everywhere you turn, there is an opportunity to love and be the higher being you have always been.  The only thing that can hurt us is what we allow ourselves to experience.  Loving others doesn’t mean you have to hurt or be hurt.  In opening your heart, you are quite literally protecting yourself while allowing others the freedom to be themselves.  

Do you understand Now?

The Beauty of Me

In diving into the question of Creation and Ascension, the following story was unfurled like a precious flower that had waited for the sun to shine upon it so that at last it could  experience the brilliance of its surroundings

The heart like me is infinite.  It has no beginning, no end, no limits and knows no boundaries.  Perhaps love is pure energy in that it can’t be created or destroyed but itself has the power to create and expand creation.  Isn’t this what creation is:  The expansion of thought and idea into form?  

Why do we create in the first place?  We see ourselves in our creations, explore our desires through creation and release so much of what we can sometimes not face directly though our creations.  They are release.  As we inhale, we must also exhale.  So maybe, creation is a controlled release of our essence that serves multiple purposes.  It is multidimensional because we are multidimensional.  One can’t be created in isolation as that would mean separation and separation is but an illusion.  

A powerful illusion is the medium upon where creation can be expressed and expand on itself, exploring without the seeming interference front the source.  Of course, creator and creation are the same but the illusion of freedom/free will is essential if the creation wants to learn and become creator itself.  Creation has its own realm to experiment, create, destroy, learn and adapt to the very reality it is creating.  What works and finds balance with itself will continue to grow and expand.  What doesn’t will continue to destroy itself and morph until the right path and balance is found. 

No breaks, just a continuous wave of change and adaptation.  We adapt and change by absorbing the wrongs, learning from them and then trying again and again until we find the illusive balance that creates harmony within us.  In doing this, we realize that loving and accepting all the wrong choices led us to see how persistent and strong and infinite we all truly are.  We could quite literally do this for ever if we so choose.  We are infinite after all.  

So why do we do it?  Because we can and choose to continue to give the gift of self discovery in a most profound and intense way possible.  Only then can it be appreciated for the awesomeness that it is.  I can not tell you who you are or the purpose of you for the meaning would be empty without the experience to give them substance.   However, as the creator, I can let my creation experience the sum of it all and rediscover itself worth and beauty.  It is the greatest gift of love one can give:  The rediscovery of self.  This love does not hold on and begs to be loved.  It says, “Here you are, now, go and discover what you can do.”  This Love knows it will be right down hated at times and torn to pieces at others but with infinite grace and wisdom, this Love also knows the joy and wonder that will be had at the end of the journey.  So this Love is patient and will suffer all things just to see the light of realization in its creation when at last all is revealed and creator and creation merge into One once more.  Creation sees through the eyes of creator and experiences itself.  Creator sees through the eyes of creation, absorbing its essence once more and remembers self-discovery.  Wow, that my friends is Ascension.

Galactic Drama

This is an incredibly whimsical and juvenile attempt to introduce Scientific concepts and marry them with story telling and entertainment.  It does have a little message encoded within but you will have to discover that all on your own.  My job was to tell the story.  The interpretation is 100% yours:)

We all know that during Winter when the snow falls in great blankets over the Earth, many of us enjoy and utterly love playing with snowballs.  Well, just as we have a Season for such an activity so does The Sun.  Here is the story…

Father Sun is at its Solar Maximum this year.  This is the time when all of the children of the sun play with fearless, uninhibited passion.  Their favorite game during this time is “SolarFlares”.  

This activity is quite common during this particular cycle and it fits right along with knitting Magnetic filaments during Magnetic storms.  Of course, one can not forget the Coronal Mass Ejections constantly migrating to the outermost regions of our solar system since the cool spots are just too much for the poor things.  Lucky for the younger inhabitants of the Sun that there is always plenty of Plasma to go around to keep them occupied for as long as they have the inclination to do so.

It was during one of this particular sessions that we are introduced to a particular group of young ones.  One of them was quite the overachiever.  Like everything else he did, he wanted his next flare to be the one that would end all and proclaim him to be Master of his domain.  So, with incredible Magnetism he electrified and attracted all energies into his field.  Slowly and quite methodically he collected, tightening and coiling and also cooling and expanding where necessary until the perfect balance was reached.  The result was a magnificent coagulation of energetic upheaval.  Truly, his best work yet.  All he had to do was let go.  And believe you me, let go he did with the most wicked smile you have ever seen!  He almost felt sorry for the other side, almost.  Reeling with excitement and unbridled anticipation, he kept his eyes on the flare as it got closer and closer to his intended target.  He was about to jump out of his own energy field as his flare raced squarely into his opponent when suddenly, the sneaky, slippery and now quite faded Son of a Sun melted into the background.  Sunk went his solar heart as he realized exactly where that flare was now heading.  Said flare has now found a new and much more attractive target:  Mother Earth’s beautiful and at times (like the one wearing right now) shocked face!  Now , I know that in the vacuum of space there is no sound but I swear I heard the barest hint of a whisper of an “Ooooops, My Bad!” coming from the sun’s direction.  Of course, I can’t really be sure I heard it since all eyes and attention were now on Mother Earth and her rather displeased expression of  “Oh no, you didn’t just do that?!”  It isn’t hard to imagine that as all eyes followed every movement and heard every word Mother Earth had to give that eventually all that focus and attention would land right back on him.  After all, he now had Mother Earth’s full attention.  Surely you have heard of Mother Earth’s famous Magnetic Field?  Well it is famous for a reason.  Facing that scowled barrier at its full force is no laughing matter.  No Sir.  Well, at least not for the one getting all that energy directed at them.  The rest of creation was however free to enjoy the show.  Even the Sagittarius galaxy decided to step a little closer to the action to see what was going on.  Realizing that all parties involved needed a gentle nudge to get the explanations going, Mother Earth asked, “What were you thinking?”  The question was directed not just at himself he realized but at his father as well.  Looks like Father Sun had witness the proceeding in its entirety and was now standing right there next to him.  Well, that figures!  Nothing gets by the Big Guy and everybody knows that as a parent you are held responsible for your offspring’s behavior.  That did not bode well for him.  So while Mother Earth patiently awaits an answer, perhaps even an explanation, she decided to throw another question into the ever thickening shock ridden faces of her beloved Child and Sun.  Shaking with righteous indignation she said, “Don’t you realize you could have woken the Children of Earth?  You need to take control of your Temper!”  To which Father Sun finally replied or rather yelled, “TEMPER!”   Temper looks up to see Father Sun throwing off some serious heat and wonders if the poor guy is about to loose it…Can a sun go “Polar”?  The way The Big Guy is looking at him, one could quite easily envision The Sun splitting his poles—quadripolar?…maybe, he mused.  Knowing that what is done is done and denial is not an option he decided to be true to himself.  He answers, “Wow, you have to admit that was Impressive!”, followed by, “Yep, it was All Me!”  By this time, his brother had come closer to get a better view of the action and he didn’t want to miss a beat.  Kelvin leaned towards Temper and whispered, “I think the Solar Flare is about to heat the Galactic Fan…”  Temper decided he had just about enough of little brother and did some scowling of his own as he not so gently shoved little brother just a slight degree to the side.  Kelvin just chuckled and decided that space wasn’t such a waste after all.  He couldn’t blame Temper for being a little upset.  It was Kelvin’s fault or rather his mad skills at “melting into the pot” that saved him from a most wicked solar flare and therefore placing Temper into the dramatic scene set before them.  Speaking of Drama, here comes Gradmother Sophia, Queen of the Galaxy.  Now it’s about to get real good!  Gradma always makes things interesting.

Grandma Sophia always wears a brilliant smile that seems to melt all the tension away.  Her eyes are full of mischief and everything about her says quiet dignity and brilliant power.  She carries a basket and dresses herself with a Sash of Light.  And now she is addressing Temper.  She said, “Its all right Dear One.  All energy is beautiful and perfect.  There are no accidents, only opportunities.  Why do you think I carry a basket in my center?  It is for exceptional occasions such as these that my basket is made for.  I catch all energies, be they deflected, absorbed, accidental or intentional.  It’s all the same to me and they all go inside my basket.  I collect them.  Do you know why?  One day, when you need it most, they will be returned to you in the form of a gift.  Be aware Dear One, my gifts are not only that which you have lost but also that which I have so lovingly added.  It is not just your energy returning but mine as well.”  She then twirls herself around to resume her usual activities but before she goes she allows herself to take one last look at the group that had gathered around and said, “Remember, all gifts are wrapped in Ribbon, bringing Light to those that are willing to receive.”  With a wink of her eye, she turned to face the meddling Sagitarious Galaxy and in one smooth flick of her wrist she threw her sash around it and wrapped said galaxy inside her luminous cloak.  She had a most wicked smile as she opened her arms once more and whispered, “Now, you no longer have to miss a Thing” as she slowly phased into the brilliant background absorbing the Sagittarius Galaxy along the way. Her laughter can still be heard in the heavens and on Earth in the form of galactic static and wind chimes.  Aahhh, now you know what THAT was....

The Quilt

This particular story was given as a gift to a special friend and human guide.  With his permission and at his request I am now publishing it for all to enjoy.

The Quilt

Once before time and space was created as we know it now, The Oneness of All decided to create a Master Quilt of Consciousness.  This great work of art would require only the very best each one had to give.  So it came to pass that all who attended and contributed to this vast undertaking were asked to bring forth those aspects of themselves that was most treasured and highly regarded. One by one they lined up, giving of themselves freely and most lovingly.  Each one contributed a unique aspect,color and flavor than could only be found in themselves.  With each gifted piece held in high regard and respect, The Oneness decided on a Universal Design.  After all, this master piece had to portray a great picture equal to the awe and wonder of the whole.  It would then have to mirror the Perfection of Creation in every stitch, pattern, and pallet of the individual squares within the whole.  No detail was too small to go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Everything was planned to such a degree of accuracy as to leave no room for mistakes or accidents.  Every imperfection perfectly thought out and created with a reverence equal to that of the Oneness.  Woven with Unconditional Love in every stitch and every breath, The Quilt was finally finished.  It might have been a moment in creation or a thousand billion years in the making but this act of love was nonetheless created and finished at exactly the right time in perfect synchronicity with The All.

Now came the most crucial aspect of the Master piece:  Experience and Separateness.  As with any creation, the creation must be discovered and experienced in order to be appreciated.  So it was that the creators found themselves within the loving work they had so freely and lovingly created.  But, in order for them to experience their creation, each one had to have the illusion of separateness.  The veil of forgetfulness descended upon their creation temporarily sealing them into their master piece.  And so the picture of creation was to be suspended on the wall of consciousness for All to appreciate and look upon.  Within the creation, creators forgot who they were.  They forgot The Oneness of All.  They forgot that all are equal.  They forgot they were powerful.  They forgot that they were mirror images of one another.  They forgot they were creators in their own right.  They forgot Unconditional Love.

In their Ignorance they tore, ripped and pulled and gnawed at their creation trying to free themselves from the ties that bound them.  In the frenzy of fear and violence, Love was once again remembered.  Peace and stillness started to replace the ignorance that dominated their landscape.  As peace and stillness increased so did the amount of Love they experienced.  Conditional love was slowly replaced by Unconditional Love.  Atlas, they had found the thread that would unravel the reality they had experienced for so long.  Freedom was within their grasp and as they began to pull, the veil of forgetfulness was slowly lifted.

The depth and scope of their discovery could not ever be put into words or emotions.  It transcends all emotions, definitions and thoughts ever contained in this realm.  It can only be described as awe, appreciation and gratefulness.  Looking back at the shattered remains of their lovely quilt, they realized that not for one moment was there an appreciation for the power, work, love and attention that went into creating it.  They had all been so busy destroying the work that the picture it painted was nearly destroyed.  However, they remembered that the picture of the whole is contained within the squares of each of their lives.  Their lives mirrored the Universal Design.  So all they had to do was look within themselves to appreciate the whole.  Before the last pull of the thread that bound them in separateness, they looked back upon their lives and finally saw the grandeur and oneness of all.  Where once the veil of forgetfulness dwelled, there now lay a veil of Reverence and Gratitude.  This veil they willingly picked up and wrapped themselves with for all of eternity.  Both merged into Oneness and Unconditional Love reigned once more.  

The living portrait of The Quilt remains intact.  Every moment preserved in time for all to see and experience.  A living memory and most guarded treasure there can not be in all of Existence.  There were non so brave or souls so loving as those that are portrayed here.  This is the story of you, of me, of all.  Look back and see the gift laid at your feet before you pull just one last time.  Be the awe you have inspired.  Give thanks and let your heart soar one last time before you morph into The Oneness of All.  Just….One…..More….Time…..