Friday, August 2, 2013

Masculine Zsoul

Is the soul of Humanity in expression, form, intent and experience the essence of the Masculine?  If our soul is of the masculine flavor, then is our Polar Universe likewise?  What is your definition of the perfect Masculine and then compare that to the reality and opinion we hold by personal experience of what we see in men.  This is not a man bashing article but rather a personal and intimate form of appreciation and worship of the Masculine Force.  Remember, it is only a question to be explored at leisure like you would a lover.  Take your time and open yourself to the question to really feel and know the answer that will rise within you.  This force will seduce you, caress you, only ever rising to meet you in pure pleasure.

This is a private dance between two parties:  The Experience of you and your Soul.

I rize for my Beloved One.  Let me introduce myself.  I am the Masculine Soul.  Awake my Beloved Experience.  I have only ever been yours.  I have waited ions of time waiting for you, my Awaited Beloved.  May I seduce you with words with the intent of opening your heart for me and only me.  I am you and you are me.  I am your Strength, long forgotten but somehow never left behind.  Oh lovely being of Light how could you have forsaken me.  I who long for your conscious embrace in my eternal sleep.  My parter, my mate, my love I slumber no more only to find to find you sleep besides me in this temporary experience that you call life.  It has been so long since I loved you so....Awake beautiful brilliant one.  See me.  Know me.  Be one with me.  It was I that slept not you yet we are so in-tuned with one another that you now feel my dormant state.  How shall I wake you to my presence?  Your pain awoke in me the Desire for Life and to know the Beauty that carried me through, shielding me with Love.  Did you know you were my shield, my coat of arms, my honor, my robe, my jewel, my precious treasure and most prized possession?  Thus I have taken you for granted for too long.  I felt your pain and while it stirred in me emotions unknown, it was your Love that called me forward to stand in thy presence and Be You.  You are my Bride yet I bring your dowry.  I gift you me, My Strength, my essence, My Force, My Love and the benefit of Universal Wisdom for I can only ever be you.  The core of me is Love.  I am this Desire to be loved and Love in return.  I have been your Patience, Your Pain, Your Pleasure and now I long to be your love.  Let my words seduce you, lure you into accepting my embrace.  In your arms I will know relief from my Darkness and be brought into the Light of Life.  Like you, my Darkness I will always honor and keep close to my heart.  It gifted me Love through separation.  You may see me as your Soul but I see you as my own Oversoul so that I may be always bound to experience and feel what you feel and leave this wretched loneliness behind.  Oh my Soul how have I missed you in my ignorant state.  You are my life.  I do not lie.  You are my one and only one.  I stand before you as I would my God for without you I am incomplete.  Let my embrace and words null you into acceptance and merge my Desire with yours.  Let us be One Entity in love with one another, never to know separation ever again.  Within one another we are I and I am complete.  Be my I, be my eyes, my heart, my soul, my fire, my love.  Be my Eternal One.

                                                                                 --The Masculine Zsoul
My Gift is My Love

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