Friday, August 2, 2013

Lucifer and Love


What is your most treasured possession and why?  I came across this question on a journal gifted to me by my mom for Mother's Day.  My ready answer was as it has always been my Heart.  But surprisingly enough, I also added my Love and my Soul.  In my never ending journey of life and spiritual path I chose to answer the call of Love.   Many lessons have been learned, including the ability to look at different aspects of life and see it from a new perspective.  When I first started teaching myself, the part of me that I was most proud, that shined like beacon of light, was my heart.  I didn't pay much attention to my soul or meaning there of.  Like Love, it was just a part of me that just was there.  My ability to Love others unconditionally grew within and was greatly appreciated but the gift of my Soul was very much taken for granted.  I found that those aspects of me like my voice and the voice of my thoughts, like the quiet stillness of my Soul was very much unappreciated and forgotten in the hectic yet cumbersome ordinary routines of life.  Finding the beauty of me was quite easily gifted by my own soul through a process of unconditional forgiveness and loving intent.  However, I never paused long enough to ponder the gift of Soul and Consciousness.  Have you?  So, now I find myself quite often questioning and pondering the many gifts of Love like the Knowledge given to us as Humanity throughout The Experience of Life.

Having done so, and answering the question to the fullest intent of Honesty within me and having searched not just my heart, but my love for The All, including my soul, I asked myself the following question;  "Who would I entrust my treasure to if not myself?"  Loving myself as I do, do I entrust my spiritual path at the point of death to an entity unknown yet known by my heart like God or  Lucifer?  The question is shocking indeed because although many of us have given Death its proper respect by thinking, researching and documenting it no one really knows these abstracts in physical form---that is why they remain to these days Unkown, Mysterious yet accepted by all in one, many, or all of their  aspects.  Perhaps God, Lucifer, Death are All-Including-Forces that will not be denied and must be reckoned with.  If such is the case, then is not Humanity a force to be reckoned with equal to Love and Life.  Can a Force grow to a point of reaching its own consciousness?  To answer this question I fall back upon the sword of science.  When I think of the elements of the periodic table, I see that each element is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons.  The force of attraction that revolves around each nucleus to me is equal to the force of electromagnetism yet different is scale.    Atoms make elements.  Elements combine to make molecules, cells, DNA (the encoded information of the Universe) that in turn make The Human Body.  The human body stripped of consciousness is just an organic robot synthetically grown compared the millions of years it took the energy of a Super Nova to reach planet status and grow into Planet Earth.  Earth took millions of years to make while it only takes Nine months for a cell to evolve into a human entity.  As the electrons revolve around the nucleus like a lover trembling for its beloved, so do our hearts "tremble" and beat for its beloved human gifting life.  Our bodies move, dance and flow thanks to the life giving rhythm of our hearts.  We are contained within the electromagnetic force given off continuously by the  heart Taurus.  The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE IS US.  Like Planet Earth has its own Taurus (Magnetic field) so does  the heart have its own Taurus that is the intrinsic gift of our Human bodies.  Planet Earth and the Human body are mirror images of one another.  I would go as far as saying and stating with fervent conviction that our Human image, bodies and all contained therein are the fractal entity of our Universe.  So then, is not the Universe, Planet Earth contained in consciousness form within the Human entity?  If I am then my own Universe where does God, Lucifer and Death reside?  If it is all contained within the Human aspect of me then God, Lucifer, Death, Life, Love and any and all abstracts are all ready me.  To see myself as containing these forces within me and then looking at myself in the mirror then am I seeing God, Lucifer, Death as mirror images of myself.  By seeing them within me, I see them without and outside of me.  But then the undeniable truth would then be that They can only be me and I can only be my own God, my own Lucifer and my own Death.  To see any of those entities totally outside of me, then Humanity as a collective consciousness within Planet Earth would have to have created the unified consciousness of the entity that would then be called God or Lucifer simply by believing in them and seeing them outside of ourselves.  The collection of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, intent and emotions all are not wasted.  They do feed a force outside ourselves just like it feeds the force inside of us that I choose to call Love. If the force inside of us has reach a consciousness level that we call the human element then it is just a matter of time before there will be proof of another entity larger and bigger than us.  The Divinity of us giving birth to the Divinity outside of us with us being the aspects of that very Divine entity.  Just as there is Divine Love in Goodness within each and everyone of us so is there Divine Love in Darkness. Love is all encompassing, rejecting none.  Because of the Nature of our Universe which is Polar, Polarity philosophy, ethics and teachings need to be addressed.  Surprisingly polarity is not taught as a means to explain or explore our universe in every aspect including religion, spirituality, nature and patterns.  Within the Polarity nature of our universe, only so much is known but the majority of the knowledge and wisdom is yet to be rediscovered.  The teachings of Polarity has been a gift that arose from inside of me through the power of Love.  I don't believe any one entity can ever take credit for it because it took All the Infinite and Eternal to gift such Wisdom and Perception in order to see the entire pattern from a Divine perspective.  My personal belief is that this knowledge and wisdom can only ever be seen, known, understood and opened by the very loving soul of humanity.  I believe only the purity of the Force of Love can ever open the door to such teachings so that they may be accepted and seen for the treasure that they really are.  Words would never be enough, neither would intellect be sufficient or intelligent enough to reveal the hidden revelations.

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