Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eternal Grace within Love

Why aren't there any true cures for any deceases? The more I think about this, the more perplexed and amazed I am that the world hasn't noticed it yet.  This Universe or at the very least this planet knows no true cure to what ails humankind.  Given that the nature of Creation is fractal then no cure will ever exist until there is an elemental change in any level of the fractal design.  The pattern itself can remain fractal in essence but can a new picture be introduced into that pattern?  Human beings are a part of this pattern so if an elemental change can be introduced by just one human with the full intent to change the whole towards a much more loving universe or earth then that change is then implemented into the original pattern destined to only give originality.  If one single human being can heal him/herself through and through---not just in body but in spirit, in soul, in mind, in expression, in aspect of self and individuality, in expressions and forms of love, personal beliefs and in essence, then that individual has now achieved the recreation of self but most importantly this individual has now created itself from scratch and is now the virgin birth of Creation itself.  When Creation gives birth to self then the healing is complete and it zeals itself in its virgin creator.  From then on, all it has to do is expand and just be itself.  Every goal and healing quality and expression then belongs the whole of Creation, it is then  gifted in kind to Humanity.  Why Humanity First?  If it was a human that achieved it first as an individual then all human individuals gain from that person's hard work and desire for change.  Why not just let the individual that did it keep it for itself and not share its success?  Most of us when charged with power and the possibility of Glory and Fame would choose the dark side of our conscience that would tempt us to keep this gift for ourselves and only profit from others and all benefits found there in.  This however can not be. It was the Universe, this very planet, this very Darkness that inundates our planet with war, pestilence, decease, and fear and on the flip-side of the Polar Universe also gifted the Desire for an elemental change in not just one but many people here on earth.  The Desire for change has been gifted to many here on earth with the hope that a solution would be found to the overwhelming problems that have overtaken humanity as a whole.  Since not any one person had the right tools to change the whole much less the power, the only loving gift the Universe could give, that Creation itself could gift was the Desire for change.  Humankind is extremely resourceful, imaginative and creative when faced with extinction and on the brink of inevitable destruction.  All Creation had to do was wait for at least one individual to take up the baton of Desire, see the challenge and say why Not me?  I start with me and see what happens.  Taking it all in Faith because many of us have given  up hope for a solution, much less a cure to what ails the human spirit.  So when Hope gets fucked up the ass by the reality we are living in, all that is left from our ever evolving heritage is Grace.  So we step out naked and vulnerable as a babe with Faith only to find ourselves clothed in Grace by our very own desire for change.  Those that desire to make a difference in this world and universe will never be denied but the first step in action, faith, love and grace is 100% upon their hearts, souls and shoulders.  So what is the cure to what ails us?  Just say, "The cure is me.  I start with me first and see where it leads me."

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