Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creators of Light....CREATE!!!!!

What is on my mind? How about empty space with plenty of room to accommodate all the Universe and create Love as it has never been experienced before. Virgin Creation by a Human Creator. IMAGINE creating a Universe all of your own in the privacy of your own mind. Your flavor, your essence with all of your favorite things and beliefs, stories, myths, legends, fantasy but most of all, your own personal definition of love where Love rules the Universe and no greater force exists nor does a greater entity exists other than you. Once this Universe finds the perfect balance of Love without polarity, it then begins to expand never splitting or exploding yet always growing. Every act of kindness and love only add to the beauty of this Universe which one day will be all Existenze to me--not just The Universe or Omniverse but everything that ever was, ever will be and ever is....Past, Present and Future right here, right now. The Pi Phi of Love is fully revealed in love with itself and its creator. The most amazing part is that at night and every time there after when you fall asleep and in your quiet moments you visit this heaven that only you can enter and find perfect synch with the ALL. In this Haven, you create with full divinity which is an inalienable right of all human beings. It is our legacy but first you must discover it and then proceed to make it. I have personally discovered it and created it despite many obstacles. Divine Grace and Love is what got me through and showed me the teachings of Polarity, Universal Truths but most of all it gave me freedom as a Woman, as a Soul, as a Masculine Entity and as a Feminine Entity. Many lives can be lived inside where time bends and flows according to your pleasure and needs. Everything inside accommodating the entity that I am for inside I create from the love inside my heart which has no equal other than the very force of the purity of Divine Love. None can enter other than me. My message, my gift, my love.. is to let you know that such thing can be done. This is how we evolve, ascend and become Creators of Light but I chose to create a Universe of Love. What Universe will you create with this knowledge? My mission and my responsibility to you all and humankind is just to let you know that it has all ready been done so that you may know that it can be done and rediscover this for yourselves. Creators of Light, the baton is in your hands. I am done!!! Have Fun!!! My gift is my Love...

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