Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seeing the Dark Side of Love

Darkness can Be a Hope equal to Love
Another letter about witnessing changes and sharing our perspective and views on said and observed happenings within our reality and planet.  Read within a loving heart and let fear express itself for what it actually is....a question that beckons the unknown to answer the call of discovery...

To be honest, I don't even know where to begin! Stars that appear and disappear...or just fade away and reappear near by again. I live near a airport so lights in the sky are an everyday thing and I love to watch them. Watching that type of phenomena doesn't bother me. I expect it and I find it soothing. What has me concerned is the behavior and change that I am starting to notice. Ufo's are just an everyday thing and is part of our reality whether people want to acknowledge it or not. I don't think there is anything alien about them just not well understood. Anyway, my family and I went to the movies yesterday. After the movies I decided at the last minute to stop and get a sandwich and drink at a smoothie place. While there I got the urge to go next door and buy my son his game. Now, you have to understand that in this small town I live in, I have not run across another soul that is "awake" or talking or even aware of the things that we read about in our sites. So anyway, while we were in the store (with my kids), there was this one guy that my eyes just kept straying to. There was nothing unusual or threatening or anything that would draw attention to him in any particular way but I "felt" something. The next thing I know, he comes into the store (he was just outside the window looking at stuff) and starts going on and on about "People need to wake up" and "spiritual path" and of course the zombies...At first I thought that it was great that FINALLY people are starting to talk about such things in the open and in public....BUT then the energy just kinda shifted (for lack of better words). He started to project fear and doom even though he was using the right words of awakening and spirituality. He drew a crowd and then he started to go on and on about arming yourself and being prepare to fight. He spoke of all these horrible things going on and people were listening! What bothered me was that I could feel the nervous excitement of anxious energy that just kept building around the place and around the people listening. It was inciting fear! I had to get out of there and it was a while before I could go back to My Happy Place. That man was not in a good place and he wasn't bringing anything good to his fellow humans. Instead of projecting peace and understanding and words of comfort about what was going on out there, he chose the path of confusion and discord. It made me sad. I understand the need for beings such as him. I do. They believe that they are doing the right thing and preparing others and waking them up. If we create the world we live in by every word, action and thought, what will this type of behavior bring to us all? Those of us that realize what is going on need to be more responsible in our actions and words with others so that we may bring comfort and stability to this place NOT add to the confusion. Anyway, later on that evening there were several military helicopters (loud ones) flying over head which is a little unusual but not unheard of. Like I said there is sooo much more but I think I will stop here. My heart is just a little despondent, I guess. I expect so much more from my fellow human beings. We have so much potential and i hate to see it wasted on fear instead of awareness. Will you share with me the stuff you are witnessing? 

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