Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rediscovery of Self and Remembering My Path

Walking my path near a wooded area where I find Solace and Joy within Mother Nature making them my constant everlasting and most loving companions.  I call it Love...Love Eternal

My life is at it should be. I wake up every morning is a state of gratitude and go bed satisfied with the knowledge that I have done and experienced everything exactly as I was meant to do so.
I am very much a mom, loving wife, sister, daughter and friend....I wear many robes in my life while not letting any one of them limit me or define me in total. I am all and I am non of them at the same time. 
I am also retired and have plenty of time to myself. You are the time you create, after all. If I am needed, I will be found and there will always be plenty of space and anything else that is important or necessary to complete the task at hand.

My personal belief is that everything and everyone that needs my words, advice or time comes to me. I don't go looking for anything. When the situation presents itself, I will be there. You simply flow through life and let life flow through you. If you are fighting against something to get somewhere then perhaps you need to sit still a while and let go to see where the current takes you. You will always land exactly where you need to be. Most people believe you have to Fight for what you want or need or make your dreams come true. I say, forget that! Don't fight, just change. You can change the outcome of anything without fighting. You simply have to embrace change. That is a hard thing to do because all of us like our creature habits and creature comforts. Change implies unknown and unknown has a tendency to produce fear. Fear has many faces including anger, regret, depression, worthlessness and feelings of inferiority. All these have to be dealt with at an individual level. But when you realize that the core of all these emotions is fear, you are practically at the finish line and close to graduation. Forgiveness of self and others is extremely essential for personal growth. It can't happen without it. The crux of the matter is that forgiveness of self can't happen without realizing who you are and why you are here. Why have you gone through all these trials, pain and suffering? Who are you? Who has caused all these things to happen to you? What did those situations teach you? If you said nothing but pain then you 100% totally missed the lesson and guess what? You get to go through it again and again and again....Each time the lessons get harder and more intense until you can't help but learn from it. The very same lesson is taught and mirrored in different ways throughout your life. You simply have to step back and be the observer instead of the victim. You would be surprise by what you learn from doing this. Who you are is entirely up to you. Nobody can or has the right to define you because there is no one out there that is the sum and the color of you. The colors of your experience paint the pictures and situations of your life. It is your color pallet and no one has rights to it. Although you may share, the pictures others make will have their particular flavor and essence not yours. All we can be is signposts for one another. All the signpost point to you and say, "Look to your heart for who you are and remember your divinity"

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