Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blue Rose

Love is a Blue Rose just waiting to be re-discovered for the rarity that it is and to bloom into expression as Unconditional Love

This is a letter that I wrote to a friend earlier this year.  I will now proceed to publish these old letters which were full of wisdom and love.  May the lessons learned and my words find their way into your hearts where they may bloom into Everlasting Love....

Hello again,

First of all, my name is Maria. Nice to meet you and may I say that I am very glad we found each other through these channels:)

I would be more than happy to share my thoughts, experiences and lessons learned so I long as you allow me to share in yours. Deal? OK

I am extremely happy to learn that you have no problems with "Alliens":) I relate 100% with the technology issues. It's been happening here, too. When someone made a comment about it at the store while I was at the cash register ( the silly thing was having "issues"), I just simply told them it was because of the solar flares...just like that without fanfare or dramatics. I kept the conversation casual and moved on to other things. I didn't have to explain or go in detail. She just accepted it and moved on. What I have learned is that Everyone is on a timer of their own. Everyone of us has an "alarm clock" set up for these times. They will wake up on their own terms and on their own time. Just like you and me. Have you ever tried to wake someone up before they were ready? They do NOT thank you for disrupting their slumber at all! Such is the case here, now. Those of us that are awake need to respect their timing and wait until they are ready to rise. When they are ready, they will start searching and looking for answers to questions they do not even realize they have. That is when you and I come into the picture. We guide and answer questions and then we introduce more questions to expand their minds to the possibilities and probabilities that life has to offer. Let them lead you into the realms they wish to explore. We don't push. We accompany them and go at their pace. We support but we don't do the work for them. Their truth has to be found in their heart according to their path. Although we are all bound for the same destination, the paths are diverse and the pace is of each individual's choosing. The time we have right now is for working on us, our own individual selves and our own spiritual path. Before we can go out there and change others or even help them change, we must change. This time is for finding ourselves, our paths and changing everything that does no longer fit the world and reality we are stepping into and are creating. We must be the change we want to see in others. We must reflect that change in our actions, our words and our path. The changes we make to ourselves have ripples and they automatically spill into the lives of others without any outward effort on our part. I know this because I have experienced it first hand. My life previous to March was full on anger, depression and mirage of other self degrading emotions and events. My home was not a peaceful place and there were always sooooo many conflicts and hurt feelings, misunderstandings and chaos. I felt suffocated and like I was drowning in my own life. It was then that I realized that I needed to stop trying to control and change everyone else and just focus on me. In trying to find who I was and why I was here, I rediscovered my heart and my love of self. When I learned to love myself, I was able to forgive myself and in doing so forgive and love others. I went from resenting them to truly accepting them and loving them unconditionally. I realized that loving them and accepting them was all part of love of self. They are me and I am them. They are teachers to me and I to them. Just like I needed room to rediscover who I was, they too need space to remember who they truly are. Loving them unconditionally means allowing them the freedom to be who they are NOW and loving them just the same. Not their actions or reactions to situations but them, the soul that is them in its purest and most loving form, the part of them that is you and mirrors you. Do you understand what I am trying to say? I am sure by now, you have come across the words "light worker", "star seeds" and such. Well, if you are awake now, then you are one. We all are! Each one of us is a teacher and a guide. Each one of us is here to lift one another up by simply being. You don't have to do anything crazy, odd or unusual to lift your frequency or that of others. That is being done all ready and all we have to do is accept it and embrace it. We just have to be! Be the love and peace we want in others. Follow your joy and find whatever makes you happy and whole and you will lift us all up! My life now is very different. I wake up with a sense of gratitude and anticipation for what the day will bring me and the lessons I will learn. Everyday and everything is an opportunity. Because I don't react to others or their actions, I am able to change the oppressive atmosphere that I once felt. The changes I have made in myself are now permanent, reflecting in my life at home and everywhere I go. There is peace, laughter and joy in my life once more and everyone is benefiting from it. Yes, my husband thought I was loosing it there for a while but eventually he accepted the changes and welcomed them. The key is you. If you are confident about the changes you are making to yourself and express nothing but love and acceptance for others, people will naturally gravitate towards you. They will ask you and approach you about this changes they are seeing. It is then that you share. Don't dump everything on them at once! Just make them think and wonder and answer questions. Remember what it was like for you. I promise you that the right words and moment will come and present itself. You just have to be aware and open to the moment. Everything that you need will come to you and find you. So will those that need you. You don't have to go looking for it or fight for it. It will just be. All you have to do is be yourself, be your joy, be your peace. I hope this helps you and I am very happy you found me and i found you. Please write back and let's encourage one another and share as many words and loving energy as possible. I live in Virginia but in these times, distance is no longer an issue. Be blessed dear sister. Be You but most all Just be,


All that is asked of you is to be the calm and peace you want for others. Bring your joy and laughter to whatever situation you find yourself in. See yourself projecting and radiating a protective shield of energy around yourself, your surroundings, your house, your town, your country and eventually all earth. You can keep going as far as you would like. Yes there is all kinds of crazy weather going on and yes people are acting weird but when you make it a conscious choice to stay calm and push fear or anxiety of these changes to the side and let them pass you by, you are anchoring yourself and others to the stillness of your heart. If crystals help you than by all means use them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I myself have tons of them around my whole house. My advice is that you listen to yourself and your heart. You can't go wrong with that. Just make sure that whatever decision you make, you make out of awareness NOT fear. You have to dig deep inside yourself and find the answers that are right for you. Only you know what is best for you. Like I have said before, just be yourself and don't try so hard. The opportunities and the right moment will find you. Be the love and peace you want in others and everything else falls into place. Add your laughter and joy to diffuse situations that would add fear instead of awareness. You are where you need to be at exactly the right time. Just be, dear sister, and know you are not alone. We are here for one another and you will keep meeting people that are like you and me in the coming days and weeks. You will see. Just picture yourself doing so and it will be.
Most happy to know you,

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