Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Seek No More

I seek no more.....

My path at last has come to a conclusion here on this realm.  The experiences, lessons, beauty, inspiration and appreciation I take with me filled with Unconditional Love towards all.  It has been a most awesome and terrifying adventure all the way around and I wouldn't change a thing (said with a most loving and knowing smile full of mischief and laughter).  I wish you all a pleasant journey this year and always.  Know that you will always attract that which your heart most yearns for in order for you to grow and experience the fullness of life.  You will never be lacking in anything most of all Unconditional Love.  In case you ever wonder what awaits you, I will say this:  What do you choose to await you?  Choose wisely dear ones but also know that whatever you choose it is also right and true.  The choices given to you by Divine Grace are right and true.   They are not the third density choices of false illusions and promises.  They simply are.  I know all this might sound like mumble jumble to some of you and it makes no sense to some yet it is what it is.  Those with a seeking heart like mine will find more questions than answers within my words but that is also right and true.  Questions are the key to discovery not the answers.  Remember this and all will be well with you.

Like Alice in Wonder Land please feel free to chase the illusive White rabbit to your heart's content.  The labyrinth and corridors will always welcome and expand for those who seek with their hearts but I warn you now, leave the mind behind and perch your ego close to you so that none may be lost.  The rabbit hole will surprise you, compel you, terrify you and woo     you but after you have mapped that sucker out you will find that you loved every single moment of it.  When you come back up, it will be another you yet the same in all aspects and expressions only wiser and more of everything in all.  "Seeker, you make no sense!"  you are thinking but I say this unto you.....You are sooooooo RIGHT!!!!  I guess I should have also warned you to leave common sense behind, too....Oh well, you know NOW  (smiling quirkily with a wink)

Dear Ones, I wish that I could tell you everything....I really REALLY do....but atlas I wouldn't dream of robbing you of such an incredibly awesome adventure and ruin your surprise.   Just know that on another level we are all the same.  Live from the heart.  Find  Your truth inside yourself.  Forgive yourself FIRST and Love yourself First than go and spread all that forgiveness and love to others.   There can be no other way for Humanity other than the way of the Oneness of heart.  Humanity must find union and communion with itself than you will be ecstatic at the changes such unity brings.  

I will be signing off for now but on a Higher Level I will always be here.  I am Ascending after all.....For the inquisitive hearts I will offer this tidbit:  Ascension is not so much about knowing all as it is about BEING all ~~~right here ~~~at Now.

My ever eternal and playful heart gives thanks for each and every one of you and I want you to know that I am laughing all the home to myself knowing I have lived many many many a beautiful life.  So mourn if you must but then celebrate me in your lives as I celebrate the beauty of creation that I see in you and that I KNOW you are.  I see you Humanity.  I eternally Love you with the purest and most Unconditional Love possible in all of Existence.

Maria seeks no more but I wish you all Happy Hunting  (wink and smile)....

All words typed by Maria Jacqueline Guishard (Maria Jacqueline Ardon Mancia)
Also known in Higher Levels as Anthuria 
Alson known by my loved ones as Jackie

The words may be typed by me but they are divinely given and inspired for all that choose to receive.  Choose wisely dear ones, but most of all CHOOOSE....

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