Monday, June 25, 2012

Teachers And Students One In The Same

We have all heard, “We are the ones we’ve waited for"

Then who are the ones that are unaware?

I used to think being "enlighten" was all great and good for those that had the luxury of not being around others much. After all, a couple of minutes with a particular family member or an individual that is hacking you to emotional pieces is all you need to loose that “peace and love” feeling. Then we think, “How can anyone stay "enlighten" with people like these around us? They make it so difficult!! 

Consider this: What if "these people" are the teachers and ascended masters we are waiting for?


They have been here all along..We just chose not to see them until we were ready. These people that provoke you, use you, manipulate you and hurt you, they are our teachers. You have all heard the phrase, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". The veil is lifting. We are seeing with ours hearts the truth that our eyes have denied. These precious beings are masters of disguise and intricate weavers of deception. They have to "stay in character" in order to continue to teach us, to help us rediscover the great infinite in us, to remember the awesome beauty that is us. Do you understand the purity of such love? They don't care if we hate them, condemn them, and ridicule them just as long as we learn the lessons we have so painstakingly and most lovingly chosen to experience.  In this Universe, we are here to serve one another and learn from one another,  teachers and students both at the same time.  Please consider this when someone is starting to push your buttons and reconsider the thoughts such actions may bring.  

Our "teachers" are here serving our purposes.  They know that eventually those who are aware and those that see through the hard lessons will be wise enough to realize just how much they are truly loved. With hearts centered in love and grace, let's offer our thanks and deep respect that is their due. FORGIVE with as much passion as we forgive ourselves for being so ignorant of such infinite and loving grace. We are all Here Now..... We are All Multidimensional Now..... No more judging....... Give your forgiveness and love NOW..... The Time Is Now.

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