Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Want To See The Picture?

A picture is placed before me and I am utterly enthralled by it!

There is something very compelling about it.  It pulls at you and draws you in.  It begs at you to come, sit and stay a while.  Forget all things and share this moment with me it pleads with a most seductive grin.  The grin promises many revelations and you wonder what it could possibly offer you that it would make this moment so compelling.  You feel yourself being drawn in, quite willing to follow this beauty and its secrets to the uttermost regions of creation just so that you can continue experiencing this bliss that has eluded you for so long.  And so you sit and stare at the panorama set before you.
There is something vaguely familiar about this.  Memories start to ebb and flow but never quite brake through.  You concentrate harder thinking it is just a matter of discipline and remembrance that is keeping you from truly realizing the mystery before you.  But trying to capture these memories feels like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.  They dance, teasing your foggy mind just outside the reach of consciousness.  As the seduction continues, you loose time, and space is just a concept that can be easily accommodated.  You are now very invested in the moment and there is no way you are letting it go.  Like a Master at chess, you try to see the endgame but in order to do so you have to recognize the setting of the pieces before you.  Again, you get that feeling of "I've been here before".  Once again, the thought evaporates before it can be contemplated any further.  Familiar yet strange, you accept that puzzle that this moment offers.  Since the mind can not seem to grasp the scale or magnificence of such beauty, the heart steps in and beckons you to allow light in and expand your senses for just one moment.  Ahhh, you exhale....Had you been holding your breath all this time?  The action feels good to you so you take a couple of more deep breaths and slowly exhale the tension you weren't even aware you were feeling.  With each breath, your heartbeat quickens.  With each heartbeat your heart expands.  With each wave of expansion, your heart soars.  You turn your attention once more to the picture set before you and the realization hits you!  You remembered the knowing smile that teased you and coerced you to sit a while and now you KNOW why it had been so full of promises.  It never really was about the picture, was it?  A smile slowly creeps into your eyes, your heart and lips as you realize that the intent was not to solve the puzzle before you but to get you to just sit still and feel the moment.  The picture before you now makes perfect sense.  The colors, the images, the texture was all a call to open your heart and let the light in.  The familiarity and sense of recognition was not an outside illusion but a calling within your heart to remember that without an open heart, you will never see the true picture life has set before you.  You will never appreciate the beauty or sense of awe in every moment until your heart is free to soar outside your mind.  In your heart you have always known this.  It was the beckoning smile that seduced you to sit and stay a while.  It was the dance and teasing of such memories that you recognized as undeniably compelling.  It was always and it will always be your heart mirrored in the pictures of your surroundings.  All you had to do was sit, be still and let your heart do the leading.  Allow your heart to seduce you once more and get lost in the embrace of your true self.


  1. Wow! Maria, how compelling your words..I was drawn in like you spoke of being drawn in by a painting. I'll come back here for more of your words. Thanks you.

    I am not a robot either.

    1. Thank you Maggie! I will place your comment inside my treasure box since it is oh so precious when you consider the source. You my friend are incredible and I very blessed to have you in my corner. Thank you for your gift of friendship.