Saturday, June 16, 2012

Unconditional Love is Protection

I was trying to understand how protection and Unconditional Love harmonize with one another and the following was the answer that was given:

I protect myself by giving Unconditional Love.  When I give unconditional love I am essentially merging into my higher self and vibrating at a higher frequency. 

Since Unconditional love encompasses all, I have no need to create a barrier within myself.  To separate is to reject which is the opposite of accept.  True and Divine unconditional love ACCEPTS and LOVES  all.  It takes it ALL in—no exceptions.  

So what about those that are trying to hurt us and are unable to love like we can?        When we give ourselves to Unconditional Love, we vibrate at a higher frequency than those that can’t or are unwilling or unable to resonate with such love. From their point of view, we project a “forcefield” they can’t penetrate.  All actions, reactions, affect and effect “bounce” right back on them.  We are not causing them pain.  They are basically attacking themselves.  

It is like the fighter that keeps throwing punches only to have them land on himself.  I imagine he would be quite perplexed and confused by such event.  He has a choice, keep hurting himself or cease and desist or keep beating himself to a bright and purple pulp.  Now, I know from personal experience that sometimes just the illusion of “hurting myself bad so long as I hurt you even just a little bit” is enough to sustain an unrelenting attack.  In that case, just the slightest chance of hurting your opponent is enough fuel to keep the attack going for a very long time, even past the endurance you think you have. 

  Wow, how do you win against an entity like that?  You don’t.  You don’t win.  Nobody wins.  As the being in a higher vibration you don’t feel a damn thing except concern for this other being who is insisting on hurting himself by his very actions USING YOU!  

What do you do?  Well, you keep going about your business with plenty of grace and patience while allowing this other being the space to learn the lesson he is teaching himself.  Eventually, this other being will collapse and tire of his tirade.  When he does, you very lovingly withdraw to give him time to reconsider his actions outside the tide of emotions your presence brought about.  I assure you that once he has had time to cool down and reconsider these past events he will realize that it was just futile to keep going in such a vein and in reality he was only hurting himself.  

Possible Reflections of such being:
Yeah it felt good to fool yourself.  Yeah, it felt good to get it out of your system.  And yeah, it feels good now to know that you didn’t give up and gave it your all.  There are no regrets because you didn’t hold back at all.  Once the realization that your best was done and nothing was achieved except your personal satisfaction, the lesson has been learned.  Will you attack this particular being again?  Hell, No!  What for?  I all ready learned my lesson.   

This scenario shows us that by just being ourselves in love with all we continuously teach lessons we were not looking for.  In all honesty, as the being in a higher frequency you could just flick the nuisance off you, but why reject and deny when you can just as lovingly accept?  The choice to love and accept is always there…Everywhere you turn, there is an opportunity to love and be the higher being you have always been.  The only thing that can hurt us is what we allow ourselves to experience.  Loving others doesn’t mean you have to hurt or be hurt.  In opening your heart, you are quite literally protecting yourself while allowing others the freedom to be themselves.  

Do you understand Now?

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