Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Quilt

This particular story was given as a gift to a special friend and human guide.  With his permission and at his request I am now publishing it for all to enjoy.

The Quilt

Once before time and space was created as we know it now, The Oneness of All decided to create a Master Quilt of Consciousness.  This great work of art would require only the very best each one had to give.  So it came to pass that all who attended and contributed to this vast undertaking were asked to bring forth those aspects of themselves that was most treasured and highly regarded. One by one they lined up, giving of themselves freely and most lovingly.  Each one contributed a unique aspect,color and flavor than could only be found in themselves.  With each gifted piece held in high regard and respect, The Oneness decided on a Universal Design.  After all, this master piece had to portray a great picture equal to the awe and wonder of the whole.  It would then have to mirror the Perfection of Creation in every stitch, pattern, and pallet of the individual squares within the whole.  No detail was too small to go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Everything was planned to such a degree of accuracy as to leave no room for mistakes or accidents.  Every imperfection perfectly thought out and created with a reverence equal to that of the Oneness.  Woven with Unconditional Love in every stitch and every breath, The Quilt was finally finished.  It might have been a moment in creation or a thousand billion years in the making but this act of love was nonetheless created and finished at exactly the right time in perfect synchronicity with The All.

Now came the most crucial aspect of the Master piece:  Experience and Separateness.  As with any creation, the creation must be discovered and experienced in order to be appreciated.  So it was that the creators found themselves within the loving work they had so freely and lovingly created.  But, in order for them to experience their creation, each one had to have the illusion of separateness.  The veil of forgetfulness descended upon their creation temporarily sealing them into their master piece.  And so the picture of creation was to be suspended on the wall of consciousness for All to appreciate and look upon.  Within the creation, creators forgot who they were.  They forgot The Oneness of All.  They forgot that all are equal.  They forgot they were powerful.  They forgot that they were mirror images of one another.  They forgot they were creators in their own right.  They forgot Unconditional Love.

In their Ignorance they tore, ripped and pulled and gnawed at their creation trying to free themselves from the ties that bound them.  In the frenzy of fear and violence, Love was once again remembered.  Peace and stillness started to replace the ignorance that dominated their landscape.  As peace and stillness increased so did the amount of Love they experienced.  Conditional love was slowly replaced by Unconditional Love.  Atlas, they had found the thread that would unravel the reality they had experienced for so long.  Freedom was within their grasp and as they began to pull, the veil of forgetfulness was slowly lifted.

The depth and scope of their discovery could not ever be put into words or emotions.  It transcends all emotions, definitions and thoughts ever contained in this realm.  It can only be described as awe, appreciation and gratefulness.  Looking back at the shattered remains of their lovely quilt, they realized that not for one moment was there an appreciation for the power, work, love and attention that went into creating it.  They had all been so busy destroying the work that the picture it painted was nearly destroyed.  However, they remembered that the picture of the whole is contained within the squares of each of their lives.  Their lives mirrored the Universal Design.  So all they had to do was look within themselves to appreciate the whole.  Before the last pull of the thread that bound them in separateness, they looked back upon their lives and finally saw the grandeur and oneness of all.  Where once the veil of forgetfulness dwelled, there now lay a veil of Reverence and Gratitude.  This veil they willingly picked up and wrapped themselves with for all of eternity.  Both merged into Oneness and Unconditional Love reigned once more.  

The living portrait of The Quilt remains intact.  Every moment preserved in time for all to see and experience.  A living memory and most guarded treasure there can not be in all of Existence.  There were non so brave or souls so loving as those that are portrayed here.  This is the story of you, of me, of all.  Look back and see the gift laid at your feet before you pull just one last time.  Be the awe you have inspired.  Give thanks and let your heart soar one last time before you morph into The Oneness of All.  Just….One…..More….Time…..


  1. Thanks for sharing this nice story. I've often used the analogy of a fabric being the universe. Like the quilt idea very much, and how a beautiful, single creation emerges from what we perceive as individual, separate efforts.

    1. Thank You Kim!
      Very sweet of you to write. I am very happy you enjoyed it. Come again anytime....