Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Beauty of Me

In diving into the question of Creation and Ascension, the following story was unfurled like a precious flower that had waited for the sun to shine upon it so that at last it could  experience the brilliance of its surroundings

The heart like me is infinite.  It has no beginning, no end, no limits and knows no boundaries.  Perhaps love is pure energy in that it can’t be created or destroyed but itself has the power to create and expand creation.  Isn’t this what creation is:  The expansion of thought and idea into form?  

Why do we create in the first place?  We see ourselves in our creations, explore our desires through creation and release so much of what we can sometimes not face directly though our creations.  They are release.  As we inhale, we must also exhale.  So maybe, creation is a controlled release of our essence that serves multiple purposes.  It is multidimensional because we are multidimensional.  One can’t be created in isolation as that would mean separation and separation is but an illusion.  

A powerful illusion is the medium upon where creation can be expressed and expand on itself, exploring without the seeming interference front the source.  Of course, creator and creation are the same but the illusion of freedom/free will is essential if the creation wants to learn and become creator itself.  Creation has its own realm to experiment, create, destroy, learn and adapt to the very reality it is creating.  What works and finds balance with itself will continue to grow and expand.  What doesn’t will continue to destroy itself and morph until the right path and balance is found. 

No breaks, just a continuous wave of change and adaptation.  We adapt and change by absorbing the wrongs, learning from them and then trying again and again until we find the illusive balance that creates harmony within us.  In doing this, we realize that loving and accepting all the wrong choices led us to see how persistent and strong and infinite we all truly are.  We could quite literally do this for ever if we so choose.  We are infinite after all.  

So why do we do it?  Because we can and choose to continue to give the gift of self discovery in a most profound and intense way possible.  Only then can it be appreciated for the awesomeness that it is.  I can not tell you who you are or the purpose of you for the meaning would be empty without the experience to give them substance.   However, as the creator, I can let my creation experience the sum of it all and rediscover itself worth and beauty.  It is the greatest gift of love one can give:  The rediscovery of self.  This love does not hold on and begs to be loved.  It says, “Here you are, now, go and discover what you can do.”  This Love knows it will be right down hated at times and torn to pieces at others but with infinite grace and wisdom, this Love also knows the joy and wonder that will be had at the end of the journey.  So this Love is patient and will suffer all things just to see the light of realization in its creation when at last all is revealed and creator and creation merge into One once more.  Creation sees through the eyes of creator and experiences itself.  Creator sees through the eyes of creation, absorbing its essence once more and remembers self-discovery.  Wow, that my friends is Ascension.


  1. Maria, some truly lovely postings here. You have a fire burning under you and within you. Why do we choose to create? Some of us just can't stop ourselves because it burns right out of us...yes, if more people understood it is the desire to share the gift of self discovery....I must get to my studio before the heat makes it impossible.

    1. As usual, Thank You Maggie. We all have that light and it expresses itself in multiple ways. Yours is through incredible paintings and the gift of expression in words and pictures. They are indeed very moving to me. I still have an eye on one of your very long scarfs, you may have to depart from it very soon:)
      Much Love and Light AND drink lots of water!!!