Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have A Sit At The Creator's Chair

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There is a need today to listen from the heart.  I often listen to channelers and surf the YouTube waves in the internet to see and hear messages from all over the Universe.  I am open to the possibilities knowing that at this point in time anything and everything is probable.  

Like a banquet set before us, these channelers set a variety of delectable choices and events before us.  It is up to Humanity to sit at the table and choose to partake or deny the feast set before us.  It is extremely important to realize that we are The Guest of Honor and while the party has been set up and hosted by Universe and Creator and Galactic invitations have been issued, the focus is firmly on us.  So when I hear of catastrophes, upcoming world events, global changes and Galactic activity whether it be solar flares, CME's or getting slammed by Gamma-Ray bursts coming from different directions in our infinite universe (such as scheduled for today), I take it for what it is:  Opportunities for change.  You see, what many are failing to recognize during these peeks into our probable future that these channelers are providing is that from a much Higher perspective, the choice has all ready been made.  Our Higher Selves have set the path, made the journey and chosen that which we chose to experience.  So I sit here in perfect peace and joy knowing that I have only to experience that which has all ready happened.  I choose to trust myself, the much higher aspect of me, to know what is right and true for me.  I as Maria have a rather limited and narrow view of what I see before me.  But I as my Higher Self, I see it all outside time and space and without any boundaries.  I trust that whatever comes my way, floods, earthquakes and what not, I will be taken care of and watched after.  The form in which this help comes or is offered I do not know but I will gladly receive the hand that reaches out to help me out of the rising tide in perfect love, gratitude and trust.  Will the help come in the form or Galactic ships, Noah's ark or a simple act of kindness from a stranger?  I can not know that at this time but whatever form it takes, my heart is open to accept.  We must trust in our Higher Selves and trust in our inner selves during these times of great upheaval and change.  

Like one of my favorite YouTubers, Suspicious observers, once said, "Don't Bug-out, Bug-in!".  I encourage all of you out there, brothers and sisters of Humanity, "bug-in" to your higher selves and deep within your heart.  Don't let your hearts be troubled or afraid of these great changes happening throughout our world.  See them with your heart and don't get lost in the labyrinths of your mind.  You choose to go down the corridors of confusion and fear and you will loose yourself, going around in circles until you learn there was never a need for such.  Save yourself the energy and choose to be still, anchored in love and self assurance.  See the changes before you through the Eye of the Storm.  In it but not part of it.  Move and flow with the torrents of change that you see raining down upon Mother earth.  Be in the eye and watch it all unfold and unravel is it must but let your heart be still and know that you are protected, loved and oh so treasured.  I have stated this before and I stand by it now, Mother Earth will be as gentle as she can be with these changes so that only what is necessary will be experienced.  Divine Grace has been issued so that the upheaval will be at its minimum.  Everyone will get their Happy Ending and everyone will experience exactly what they need and have created for themselves.  Choose from the banquet that which calls to your heart and fill your plate over the brim with as many experiences as you can take.  The choice is all yours.

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