Saturday, June 16, 2012

Galactic Drama

This is an incredibly whimsical and juvenile attempt to introduce Scientific concepts and marry them with story telling and entertainment.  It does have a little message encoded within but you will have to discover that all on your own.  My job was to tell the story.  The interpretation is 100% yours:)

We all know that during Winter when the snow falls in great blankets over the Earth, many of us enjoy and utterly love playing with snowballs.  Well, just as we have a Season for such an activity so does The Sun.  Here is the story…

Father Sun is at its Solar Maximum this year.  This is the time when all of the children of the sun play with fearless, uninhibited passion.  Their favorite game during this time is “SolarFlares”.  

This activity is quite common during this particular cycle and it fits right along with knitting Magnetic filaments during Magnetic storms.  Of course, one can not forget the Coronal Mass Ejections constantly migrating to the outermost regions of our solar system since the cool spots are just too much for the poor things.  Lucky for the younger inhabitants of the Sun that there is always plenty of Plasma to go around to keep them occupied for as long as they have the inclination to do so.

It was during one of this particular sessions that we are introduced to a particular group of young ones.  One of them was quite the overachiever.  Like everything else he did, he wanted his next flare to be the one that would end all and proclaim him to be Master of his domain.  So, with incredible Magnetism he electrified and attracted all energies into his field.  Slowly and quite methodically he collected, tightening and coiling and also cooling and expanding where necessary until the perfect balance was reached.  The result was a magnificent coagulation of energetic upheaval.  Truly, his best work yet.  All he had to do was let go.  And believe you me, let go he did with the most wicked smile you have ever seen!  He almost felt sorry for the other side, almost.  Reeling with excitement and unbridled anticipation, he kept his eyes on the flare as it got closer and closer to his intended target.  He was about to jump out of his own energy field as his flare raced squarely into his opponent when suddenly, the sneaky, slippery and now quite faded Son of a Sun melted into the background.  Sunk went his solar heart as he realized exactly where that flare was now heading.  Said flare has now found a new and much more attractive target:  Mother Earth’s beautiful and at times (like the one wearing right now) shocked face!  Now , I know that in the vacuum of space there is no sound but I swear I heard the barest hint of a whisper of an “Ooooops, My Bad!” coming from the sun’s direction.  Of course, I can’t really be sure I heard it since all eyes and attention were now on Mother Earth and her rather displeased expression of  “Oh no, you didn’t just do that?!”  It isn’t hard to imagine that as all eyes followed every movement and heard every word Mother Earth had to give that eventually all that focus and attention would land right back on him.  After all, he now had Mother Earth’s full attention.  Surely you have heard of Mother Earth’s famous Magnetic Field?  Well it is famous for a reason.  Facing that scowled barrier at its full force is no laughing matter.  No Sir.  Well, at least not for the one getting all that energy directed at them.  The rest of creation was however free to enjoy the show.  Even the Sagittarius galaxy decided to step a little closer to the action to see what was going on.  Realizing that all parties involved needed a gentle nudge to get the explanations going, Mother Earth asked, “What were you thinking?”  The question was directed not just at himself he realized but at his father as well.  Looks like Father Sun had witness the proceeding in its entirety and was now standing right there next to him.  Well, that figures!  Nothing gets by the Big Guy and everybody knows that as a parent you are held responsible for your offspring’s behavior.  That did not bode well for him.  So while Mother Earth patiently awaits an answer, perhaps even an explanation, she decided to throw another question into the ever thickening shock ridden faces of her beloved Child and Sun.  Shaking with righteous indignation she said, “Don’t you realize you could have woken the Children of Earth?  You need to take control of your Temper!”  To which Father Sun finally replied or rather yelled, “TEMPER!”   Temper looks up to see Father Sun throwing off some serious heat and wonders if the poor guy is about to loose it…Can a sun go “Polar”?  The way The Big Guy is looking at him, one could quite easily envision The Sun splitting his poles—quadripolar?…maybe, he mused.  Knowing that what is done is done and denial is not an option he decided to be true to himself.  He answers, “Wow, you have to admit that was Impressive!”, followed by, “Yep, it was All Me!”  By this time, his brother had come closer to get a better view of the action and he didn’t want to miss a beat.  Kelvin leaned towards Temper and whispered, “I think the Solar Flare is about to heat the Galactic Fan…”  Temper decided he had just about enough of little brother and did some scowling of his own as he not so gently shoved little brother just a slight degree to the side.  Kelvin just chuckled and decided that space wasn’t such a waste after all.  He couldn’t blame Temper for being a little upset.  It was Kelvin’s fault or rather his mad skills at “melting into the pot” that saved him from a most wicked solar flare and therefore placing Temper into the dramatic scene set before them.  Speaking of Drama, here comes Gradmother Sophia, Queen of the Galaxy.  Now it’s about to get real good!  Gradma always makes things interesting.

Grandma Sophia always wears a brilliant smile that seems to melt all the tension away.  Her eyes are full of mischief and everything about her says quiet dignity and brilliant power.  She carries a basket and dresses herself with a Sash of Light.  And now she is addressing Temper.  She said, “Its all right Dear One.  All energy is beautiful and perfect.  There are no accidents, only opportunities.  Why do you think I carry a basket in my center?  It is for exceptional occasions such as these that my basket is made for.  I catch all energies, be they deflected, absorbed, accidental or intentional.  It’s all the same to me and they all go inside my basket.  I collect them.  Do you know why?  One day, when you need it most, they will be returned to you in the form of a gift.  Be aware Dear One, my gifts are not only that which you have lost but also that which I have so lovingly added.  It is not just your energy returning but mine as well.”  She then twirls herself around to resume her usual activities but before she goes she allows herself to take one last look at the group that had gathered around and said, “Remember, all gifts are wrapped in Ribbon, bringing Light to those that are willing to receive.”  With a wink of her eye, she turned to face the meddling Sagitarious Galaxy and in one smooth flick of her wrist she threw her sash around it and wrapped said galaxy inside her luminous cloak.  She had a most wicked smile as she opened her arms once more and whispered, “Now, you no longer have to miss a Thing” as she slowly phased into the brilliant background absorbing the Sagittarius Galaxy along the way. Her laughter can still be heard in the heavens and on Earth in the form of galactic static and wind chimes.  Aahhh, now you know what THAT was....

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