Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012-Enlightment--Not fear

This was my beginning.  My plea and my prayer to The Universe to come and play with me could  have not been made from a more innocent and open heart such as the one that wrote this article.  I didn't know back in January what it would bring or where it would lead but now I am here and Here is exactly where I need to be.

It would seem to me that fear is the first reaction we as humans tend to react with when faced with the unknown or the promise of change.  Have we not evolved beyond such basic reaction in all the eons of our existence?  Why do we fail to see that fear is just another face of ignorance and then seek to remedy such malady?  As humans we have incredible power over creation.  We are the creators.  All that we see around us was just a thought at one time that has been materialized into our reality.  Why not put that power to good use now and affect our reality and change not only our present but our future?  Here is my challenge to all of those that come across this post and here it's me sending a message to The Universe (with all its beauty and wonder and never ending respect and awe) that I not only accept but embrace my responsibility as a caretaker of the planet I inhabit and the power to change it for the better by rejecting fear, accepting change, and sending positive thoughts and enlightenment for all consciousness  throughout the universe to be used as needed.  I send my love, all that is good and powerful in me, all that is kind and patient and all the acceptance and understanding that individuals may need, I give it all and share it all to be used as often and whenever its needed.  To those that have been led to this post, I want to hear how you will make this world a better place.  Remember there are no limits---Do NOT place limits on yourselves--money is not an issue, physics is not an issue, reality as you may know it is not an issue.  Allow yourselves to dream and dream big and visualize everything you are writing.  You are the creator and you are creating a world and a reality where you want to live in and then leave as a birthright for your descendants.  Please be kind to one another and respect each others opinions.  This blog is not to be used for judgmental comments but as an exercise in the betterment of humankind.


  1. Maria, wonderful beginning. You are such a writer. For many years my work is to offer color to those who wish to open their color experience. I am color musing in my thoughts, eyes, heart, being...this I offer up for sharing. I know that my color play inspires others....for this I am grateful.

    Good luck Maria on finding followers and receiving others' words. Blogging can be such a gift and it can be disheartening if you feel no one is listening. Blog for yourself is my advise...for the opportunity of putting out your thoughts even if the response seems minimal. It will grow.

    1. Dear Maggie,

      I can't seem to sleep. My mind is still going round and around and I am not at peace. The events of the previous night left me a little shaken. I told you about my oldest son, Glenn, 12 yrs old. We love him very much and when he was little he was diagnosed with Autism/ Aspergers, probably high functioning compare to others. At first they thought it was just ADHD but it turned out to be more Aspergers than the ADHD that was the problem. He would focus on everything at once-noticed things all around that you or I would miss but couldn't keep his focus on a certain task unless it was interested to him. You can imagine how well that went in public school. I fought tooth and nail for every scrap of help I could get from the public school system and won for the most part and ALOT of paperwork, doctors recommendations and medical proof. Once he started taking Focalin, it was like having a completely different child. He was calm and could focus on tasks and not be redirected as often. His appetite has been curved so he not obsessing over food because with Glenn obsession is all he is about once he finds something he likes. He will memorize entire scenes of a movie or books, quoting word by word over and over and over again. He continue to practice the act of social skills like what kind of facial expressions are kind and appropriate when speaking to others and the tone in which they are said. He is very VERY direct and will give you an honest answer but perhaps not in the nicest ways and will fail to see what he has done wrong. He takes things very literary. One time I told him (while we were joking around), "get out of here" and Glenn turns right around and starts to walk away from me, feeling hurt. When I asked him where he was going, he responded, " you told me to get out!". Of course then I had to explain that it was just a saying people us when something seems unbelievable or thinks somebody is telling then a joke at their expense. Sarcasm was another thing he struggles with and needs cues to "get it". Anyway, this son, my beautiful son to whom I have dedicated so much of life to and is my life collapse on the bathroom floor last night. He was barely conscious and I fought so hard to keep him there with me, talking to me, with gentle taps and silly questions because I couldn't handle letting him go into oblivion where I might not ever recover him. He kept telling me he could only see black and his voice so fragile and soft where at times just above a whisper when he did respond. There were times when he didn't respond at all but I held him in my arms willing him to come around and not loose him to that darkness without him knowing I was there with him and that everything was going to be OK. I spoke to him and asked questions throughout the whole situation. He had to partially lay on the ground because my son is literally taller than I am and about 100 lbs. He lost control of his bodily functions (all) and my husband and I were trying desperately to clean him up before the ambulance arrive. Poor guy wasn't even aware that he had an accident. Slowly he started to come out of his stupor and whispered that he was now beginning to see yellow and then eventually see us all but blurry. Once he started complaining about his socks being itchy, we need the worst had passed and he was getting better. We took him to the ER by EMS (great guys) where we spent our time until2:30 am. My youngest was so tired and wanted to come home so badly that he started crying. Tomorrow I will be calling his pediatric doctor to find out if there are any test we can take to find out what happened to my son. After everything was said and done I cried my heart out--I just needed to release all that tension and emotions because it just wouldn't do for my son to see me having a breakdown.